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  1. Has anyone here achieved super consciousness?

    Is it possible to a have super unconsciousness? Likewise, how does consciousness become superconsciousness? Seems that in both cases that the small ego self is still playing with masks of names and concepts, to me, consciousness is the goal, and since one already has it, one can be contented to rest in what is.
  2. ~

    well this made me feel a little bit sad today, also consider that we dont know what an animals perspective truly is because we have not experienced it in our own consciousness. Remember that we usually project our own feelings thoughts and sentiments onto the world around us, including animals.
  3. Has anyone here achieved super consciousness?

    I've achieved super unconsciousness(;
  4. What is the meaning of life?

    The meaning you give to life is its meaning. Also, because the self doesn't exist, you could say that it is life itself which gives meaning to "you", then "you" create based on that, to me it looks like a feedback loop in that looks a lot like a taurus- this shape this is also the shape of the HEF(human energy field) but alas, I digress, my point is, we create meaning, cool huh? though most of you probably know about this already XD
  5. what is the point of existence?

    No point of existence, there are points, ride the waves(;
  6. Really, Nothing to do

    Gerard, I find what you said especially helpful in reminding me that the destination is right under my feet, the path i'm walking on now. There is also a part of me which feels let down...but I remind myself that this feeling too is part of the path, something that can be experienced mindfully, and also with great interest.
  7. Really, Nothing to do

    Its nice to know that no matter what I do or what happens to the small me(my self) the larger whole (the real me) really cannot be destroyed. I remind myself of a quote from the movie waking life, "even destruction is a creative action". What a joy to realize this, and then even more to put it into action, life is a creative movement! life giving birth to new life to new life to new life to new life to new life to new life>>>>>>>>>> "the snake is long, it's seven miles", sorry jimbo morrison, the snake is actually really long, its infinite.
  8. Really, Nothing to do

    Thank you Gerard, your response is encouraging, entirely good! I feel a bit like him>>>> Except its more like ive moved beyond thought motivation, the momentum is now rooted deep in my being, lets see where this train takes me
  9. Really, Nothing to do

    I love what you have said, both of you, it deeply resonates with me and makes me very happy to have some confirmation in the things I have been thinking and feeling lately. (I have yet to find people with whom I can talk with in person in the same way, which is why i'm so glad that this group exists- a worldwide connector of Dao bums ) I am finding a certain fearlessness which comes with trusting life, and my own being, I am enjoying testing the actual boundaries of what is socially acceptable for my self rather than relying only on pre-set rules or ideas of what is "the right thing to do". I have found that everything has its right place, including "negative" emotions and thought forms, they arise for a reason after all and they have something to tell us. Sometimes what is socially acceptable is not the right thing to do in a given circumstance. Im feeling sort of like a social ninja, undercover im as free as the sky, but I take on certain shapes and patterns according to what I feel. feeling relieved of a big burden...
  10. Really, Nothing to do

    So, for the sake of a good ole' discussion, do you think I should do whatever this body-mind of mine comes up with? I idealize that this will bring me into a more and more harmonious flow the more that I trust myself and my energy (which Is really the energy of the whole arising in me). I have noticed that my desire to be in the flow state or wu-wei is actually my greatest hindrance to it, so that when I happily go along with my monkey mind and rejoice in its various creative and also dull manifestations(really that there is something there at all, not just pure nothingness is something to rejoice), wu-wei happens. aren't I always in the Dao so there is no need for me to even be in the state of Wu-wei? why not just forget about daoism all together? while im at it, wouldnt it be best to give up on everything and let go? Oh wait, I forgot...thats wu-wei, mind as empty as the sky even as it is as full and cluttered as my desk drawer. So Im struggling with the paradox...damn I'm place to with these sorts of things.
  11. Really, Nothing to do

    I had been practicing stringent and constant awareness of my internal and external environments for close to a year in an effort to reach to a state of enlightenment, however, I wasn't noticing any major benefits from the practice, in fact all that effort to stay aware was keeping me stressed out and in a state of tension. A lot of my energy was caught up in this effort so that when I finally gave it up, the energy came naturally back to me, feeling peace and calm. Since then I realized that there is nothing to do, nobody to become(in particular) so now allowing things to arise is my favorite thing and it brings me great joy sometimes. I'm at a point now where If I feel like something is arising energetically in my body-mind, I go into it, give it full momentum of movement until something else arises then I allow the same movement with that thing. My question is, will letting go like this bring me to the state of Wu-wei that lao-tzu talks about? I realize that this is my mind coming in and wanting a guarantee instead of just trusting the process, but, who am I to be against the mind if it has doubts, in fact who am I at all? Who is there to control? I always laugh at anatta. Peace ya'll Also this blog really has been helping me with this process,
  12. Hia

    Hey everyone, New here obviously, I joined so that I can find a community of people who can help me answer my questions on the way. excited to get started and read some of the things which have already been talked of in depth. thank you all, Colin