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  1. I’m a third generation Chinese immigrant. Both parents are aware of QiGong but only recently practiced, it’s only been 19 years after suppression of practice of Chinese culture are lifted, but we’re seeing growth here and there, both for old and younger generation.
  2. Celibacy, and also MCO

    Hi Raul, first of all, I have the same opinion as Andy. Your worries could’ve drained you more than the ejaculations, and you might’ve built yourself a strong belief that your body will be energy deficit after ejaculation. But since you’ve found your way, congratulation, you might be on your path to non-ejaculatory orgasm (there are some topics here about whole-body orgasm , also soul orgasm, the search is your friend!)
  3. Greetings from Indonesia

    Good day guys, I'm a 28 years old Buddhist from Indonesia, just recently learned about TDB while reading about Taoist practices and currently munching the posts here