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  1. Strengthening the Blood

    It's the lack of moisture (yin and jing deficiency) that allow fungus and other toxins to penetrate beneath the epidermis and cause the imbalance and subsequent immune response. Even in a drier climate, the eczema returns if I get too depleted (I've tested this). I've taken both SSRI and MAOI years ago. MAOI made me jittery and SSRI made me gain weight and get into a lot of bar fights. No visible benefits from either drug. I quit taking Paxil because I was afraid it was going to get me killed. I honestly don't like the western approach of breaking things down to the single molecule level. Not only are their effects on the body not well understood, but often times they can become hard to manage (for example people taking thyroid hormone replace sometimes find out that their adrenal glands have become depleted). With neurotransmitters its hard if not impossible to detect what their actual levels are on the brain, and more so to figure out what their proper balance is. If I ever need a hip replacement , liver transplant , something drastic live that I'll def go Western, but for endocrine disorders, digestive and immunological problems I like the TCM approach. Just supplement your body with the materials it needs (Jing/Yin/Yang/Shen/QI/Blood etc tonics) and let it figure out homeostasis on it's own.
  2. Strengthening the Blood

    There are situations where adults may replenish yin without any complementing hot herbs. Like for example in China it's common for women in their period to take a donkey hide (e jiao) formulation to make up for the blood loss. In my case, I had eczema from the time I was 8 years old, until my 20s. Due to the small but persistent blood loss, after a couple of years I began to suffer from what is today called "ADHD" . I personally find that a combination of 1 part of Shen QI Wan and 2 parts of Zuo Gui Wan works best for me. Also, as soon as I moved to Southern California the eczema disappeared and never returned.That to me proves the TCM theory of damp-stagnation. How can you go from a place of 100% humidity to a place of 10% humidity and your skin becomes moister and more nourished? The absence of dampness in the spleen allows yin to ascend and go the the exterior. There's an MMA fighter named Bas Rutten that claims the same thing, had eczema and asthma as a kid in the Netherlands, gone as soon as he landed in socal. Thanks for the tip on the processing of Rehmannia, I've ordered from several brands in the past including Dragon Herbs, they always look dark. I'll make sure to check out Spring Wind.
  3. Strengthening the Blood

    sorry if what I'm going to ask is off topic, but is there a substantial difference between blood and Kidney Yin ? the basis of all yin formulas is Shu Di Huang a blood tonic. So I'm guessing a kidney yin formula such as Liu Wei di Huang wan or Zuo Gui Wan would also serve as a blood tonic, or am I wrong about this?
  4. Excessive Yin Jing?

    There are some very generous people here that really take the time to share their knowledge in detail. Thanks so much to all, I couldn't post it in a while because I lost my password but it's great to be back.
  5. Excessive Yin Jing?

    Thank you so much for the in detail reply. What worked for me in the end was Wu Ling San ( Poria 5 formula). Because I had already eliminated interior dampness with Cang Zhu, the only thing left was to figure out how to deal with the chronic cold-damp layer that I had between skin and muscle that made me stiff, and in this regard I feel like Gui Zhi (Cinnamon Ramulus) in the Poria 5 formula was especially helpful due do it's release exterior properties. For years I had this seasonal condition where around the end of the summer I'd have this sensation of fluid leaking from my veins or lymphatic vessels to the exterior, and would stay there as cold damp until around end of winter when it then would begin to dissipate. I'm thinking it's either a spleen deficiency that's caused it or perhaps a Kidney yang deficiency. Since this condition manifested itself more strongly in the "Yin months", I believe it's probably the latter.
  6. Excessive Yin Jing?

    What to do when you suffer from dampness and Yin depletion simultaneously? I have been treating dampness with Cang Zhu for a long time (years). While the results have been fantastic using this herb, I'm beggining to feel the symptoms of Yin deficiency, all while dampness isn't yet fully dispelled. It seems like a catch 22. If I take a herb to tonify Yin it will produce more damp, it I take something to treat dampness it will deplete Yin. Can a combo of Yin tonic + Aromatic that dispels damp, like for example Rehmannia + cang zhu, give me the best of both worlds? or will they cancel each other out?
  7. The body can sense season and time of the day through the proximity of the sun. You can literally feel Yang peaking during summer solstice, then fading day by day until it bottoms out on winter solstice.
  8. One of the most spectacular feats of such creatures as bats, bees and snakes is hibernation. For months at a time, these animals essentially go into power-save mode. Their temperature drops, their metabolism slows down and oxygen consumption is limited to minimal levels. This basic adaptation helps them survive the harshest of environmental conditions. The PNAS study, led by University of California at San Diego researcher Robert K. Naviaux, looked at metabolites in the bodies of people with CFS and those without the condition. The number of participants was small — just 84 people, 45 with CFS symptoms and 39 who served as a control. Naviaux looked at 612 different metabolites, which are intermediate substances such as glucose produced by cells as they break down larger molecules and produce energy. They found that 80 percent of the metabolites were lower in those with CFS. They also found what they described as “abnormalities” in 20 of the metabolic pathways. All this suggests that the metabolism of people with CFS is markedly slowed down. In a Q&A to the CFS community, Naviaux described this theory of humans having a cell-danger response in more depth: “Historical changes in the seasonal availability of calories, microbial pathogens, water stress and other environmental stresses have ensured that we all have inherited hundreds to thousands of genes that our ancestors used to survive all of these conditions.” If that were the case, he explained, curing people of CFS may be akin to waking the body up. Davis said it’s possible that the treatment may not be anything radical; it might involve putting the body back in balance with the right mix of diet and supplements.
  9. Hello

    thanks to everybody for welcoming me thank you cheya! I'm no longer exposed to external humidity as much as I used to, thanks to this great life hack that I found which is moving to southern California. We get a tiny bit of rainfall in january and feb but that' about it thankfully. I still have a lot of internal dampness issues that have accumulated over the years which I'm treating with Cang Zhu (Atractylodes Lancea). A total godsent herb that I basically owe my life to.
  10. Hello

    I began studying TCM circa 2012 when my interest in anti aging technologies lead me to discover TA65, and therefore Astragalus and Chinese Herbology. It has helped me figure out what some of my life long health issues were about (internal dampness which l developed in 100% humidity enviroments). Looking forward to learn more about TCM here.