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  1. Hello, I am a total newbie on these topics (energetics and magic). I came across a letter Dion Fortune wrote to Israel Regardie on a Golden Dawn website yesterday. She was basically stating that A. Crowley had a kidney disease caused by his practice of magic, and that it was very common to magicians. Is anyone aware of this and able to explain further? Thanks!
  2. Hi TheWhiteRabbit, I like your post but just to let you know, morals really get a bad press here at TDB, so be prepared for a bumpy stay.. Best qi,
  3. Potent Systems

    Thanks for your answer fu_doggy. Btw, I love your avatar, it reminds me of the awesome little dog I had in my youth.
  4. Potent Systems

    Hi Fu_doggy, It looks like you stopped practicing Flying Phoenix. May I ask why ? Thanks!
  5. Why semen retention hurts Tao Bums

  6. Losing Members

    The Dao Bums has actually and fortunately several areas. We can choose to read or to ignore specific threads and when can choose to react or not to those we read. I have read some threads and choose not to react and in most cases not to read them anymore. Specifically, there are threads (like those related to politics, but not just them) where people argue endlessly out of ideological biases, some other threads are just 'screwed up' (sorry I don't know how to say it properly) by people who post for the only sake of attacking others. And this pattern is repeating itself threads after threads, and that seems to be just fine for those people. So why not post out of good will and sympathy for others, to give this forum a chance to be a place where we can listen to others and share and learn, despite of the evil that is going on here in the same way it goes in the real world? We can't absolutely rely on any admin, mod or anyone to enforce rules. Everyone has biases. They may even do things that should earn them a ban but still stay on charge. That's the same in the real world. But those who care can make an individual effort to cultivate goodness and apply it in our posting and when it appears that evil is dominant and overwhelming report to the mods without hoping too much and move on to another thread. Edited to add ' but still stay on charge' and to correct a minor typo
  7. Farewell Viator

    I repeat this. Every community needs people's good will and sense of justice. We can't just leave. My 2 cts.
  8. Hallo

    Welcome here Mud Dragon
  9. Hi, everyone! I am interested in female alchemy

    Welcome , glad you made your way to the Dao Bums.
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    Welcome !
  11. Hello people

    A little late, but a big welcome
  12. Mair 2:9

    "knowing when to stop" and actually doing it is the hardest thing I ever tried to do. As you said Marblehead, there is something that exists without words. As soon as mind puts names, categories and concepts, we enter a world ruled by opposites and differences. Hence the disputes and the never ending disagreements because everyone believes his own mind over 'what is' that the mind can't see. 'What is' is larger than any thinking system or philosophy, it is inconceivable. When I see a flower, what I see is beyond any thought of mine about what a flower is and it would take an infinite book to describe with words the reality of what I see, because language is conceptual by nature and selects and cuts from reality to produce meaning. So there is indeed always something that is unseen by the mind. Senses are closer to reality when mind gives them break but it is still not it. So if we can't get rid of conceptual mind because we are human beings and not potatoes, the only practical way lies into knowing when to stop. To that, we have to know the difference between the small bucket (our mind) and the large bucket (the Dao) and stop at the entrance of the Dao which is inevitably also neither an entrance nor an exit because it is there that all directions (= concepts) are erased. It is where there is no ground anymore for the mind and where everything is dissolved into what our mind takes as nothingness when it is only the end of things ( = no thing) as mind sees them. Hard to be humble enough to stop believing our own mind, our own thinking instead of following the way of the Dao. Actually my above chitchat is something full of pride. Silly me Edited the last line: 'the' is replaced by 'my'
  13. Mair 2:8

    This is beautifully said. Thank you. I wish I had a better command of english so that I could participate more to the thread.
  14. Potent Systems

    This great is very interesting, thanks a lot Tao stillness! It is not about coming here and being a naysayer but some systems doesn't seem to bring so much longevity. For example, one family member of the chi kung system you mentioned didn't hit 80 years old. I am not saying the system doesn't have benefits..Anyway, I made the same observations for several systems. Some years ago, I was very enthusiast about chi kung, but not that much now. It seems to me that a lot of the chi kung we can see here and there are soft physical exercises : good for the joints, the improved circulation etc. but some crucial element seems to be missing. I have yet to encounter a real potent system. Sorry for the pessimistic tone of my post Edited to correct a typo
  15. Mair 2:8

    Very interesting Yueya, thank you. I'll ponder over this. This is new to me.
  16. Mair 2:8

    Ok, sorry, didn't want to go off topic. Will do the digging and come back to you later !
  17. Mair 2:8

    In your understanding, what are the main tenets making them diverge at some point?
  18. Starting new job

    Hi Jox, Congrats! Apart from what has already been said, you could do any centering/grounding practice you are familiar with on Monday morning before starting your job; actually every morning before going to work..and every evening after work. Good luck!
  19. Mair 2:8

    Yes, ok, I understand. Thanks! Sounds a lot like Buddhism..
  20. Mair 2:8

    Thanks Yueya, very beautiful.
  21. Mair 2:8

    Thanks! You explained quite well the part of the mutual dependency of 'this' and 'that', but I am still scratching my head about this part: ''There is beginning. There is a time before beginning. There is a time before the time before beginning. There is being. There is nonbeing. There is a stage before nonbeing. There is a stage before the stage before nonbeing. Suddenly there is being and nonbeing. Still, as for being and nonbeing, I do not know which is really being and which is nonbeing' and the relationship it has with the conceptual/language problem. Any idea?
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    Welcome Brightmoon !
  23. Hello all

    Welcome My thoughts exactly :
  24. Thanks Aques Peregrinus, I knew the meaning of that expression. Only I didn't see the point of answering that way, I wasn't asking for some esoteric information. But I am totally fine with the 'spoon feeding' answer. We can choose the questions we ask, not the answers we receive !
  25. Spoon feeding?.... Fine, thanks anyway.