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  1. Infinite Void

    I've spent a lot of time (over 40 years) studying and practicing Hindu, Buddhist and Jainist traditions. Within Hinduism, many practitioners believe in many universes. According to these beliefs, each universe has been created by a separate Brahma. This is why I have stated that there are many universes. There very well might be. Why not?
  2. Infinite Void

    No. It may seem something like infinity to us, given our present states of being. Nevertheless our one universe is just a very small part of infinity. The whole physical world including what would seem to be an almost unlimited amount of universes may be just a small part of infinity. I have been thinking about these things and having some very interesting experiences for many decades. If reincarnation is true, I have probably been involved in philosophical and spiritual discussions and/or activities for many lifetimes. I'm not sure when I started in this lifetime but it was sometime between when I was five and seven years old.
  3. Infinite Void

    Yes. My main point is that infinity in terms of time and space is far beyond our normal/usual states of being. Added to this are the dimensions of our minds and emotions as well as our knowledge of our physical surroundings.
  4. Infinite Void

    Yes, and the finiteness of our universe is something beyond our present abilities to explore within the lifetime of a human being.
  5. Infinite Void

    If you are willing, please conceive the intricacies of your human body. What we seem to know is so vast and yet we cannot look at what is smaller and more intricate. The levels that could be contemplated are endless. They go on infinitely. Our minds. Our dreams. "Our" is from something that we acquire. Emotions and thoughts. What are they? Dreams. I have had some incredible dreams. What is the function? Other human beings. Other living beings. Objects that are not alive. They are endless or might as well be so. There are so many living beings and objects. Nature. Typhoons. Volcanic eruptions. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Deserts. Tropical beaches. Nature is so strong. It could completely destroy all living beings on this planet. Objects of human creation: Cities. Pyramids. Skyscrapers. Swimming pools. Airplanes. So many things have been created. Go beyond this planet into the universe. There seems to be so much out there. God, as usually perceived, would not have limits. Thus our universe may be one of many universes. Each one vast and seemingly endless. Situations that contained elements that were part of other situations that were endlessly larger as well as elements that were endlessly smaller. Everything, taken as one, is a situation of this sort. If we are trying to understand or to perceive eternity and unlimitedness, we would need to connect with aspects of our present realities or go beyond our present realities and perceive that which might be perceived of God. If God doesn't perceive everything at once then it is a different God from which many people believe in. However, if God knows everything, all that something of what is written above would be at least part of God's consciousness. The Void. Why is the "V" capitalized? It is to let us know that the Void contains everything. Or, rather, everything that is beyond what we are perceiving now. The Fool. Satan. Angels. Demons. Drugs and Medicines. Poisons. Books and Actions which are considered sacred. Tradition and Innovation. Love and Hatred. Compassion and Revulsion. Sexuality. Spirituality...
  6. Truth and Progress

    smallsteps (and others), I had a white light experience (after a descent into Hell) when I was 18. It turned my life around. I was trying to develop mystical powers at the time. Although I did not believe in "God," I still believed in Black Arts. Might not seem logical but that was my state of being. I wanted to develop power in all fields of existence. Afterwards, I became a student of various religious institutions in various places. Focused on Buddhism and Hinduism. However, checked into other faiths as well. Later, I began going to university. My first major was Comparative Philosophy and Religion. Studied various languages that had been used in some of our most popular religions. Traveled to Europe and Asia for the first time. Had my 23rd birthday in Bodhgaya where Buddha is supposed to have become "enlightened." Experienced many forms of relative wonder.
  7. Truth and Progress

    As I understand it, "Let it Be" doesn't mean that we are spiritually realized. It means that we need to learn to "go with the flow;" be in touch with the situation as it seems to be. Much so-called philosophy is not worth reading. Spiritual experiences are not mental. I was reading Jean-Paul Sartre when I was 13 years old. I became an atheist when I was ten. Regained faith in "God" afterwards when I was 18.
  8. Truth and Progress

    The adage is that a child is open, innocent and pure. Untainted by the "faults" and "failures" of this world. Yet, children are constantly being born into this world. Many do not have numerous opportunities to be "pure" and "open." I have met people who were raped and beaten as babies. Yes. I was once a child and I still have the mind and emotions of a child in many ways. People (no matter what their ages) build things and develop relationships despite the "reality" that everything that is created also is destroyed, even if it takes zillions of what we call years. What is the sense of our existence in all forms if everything that we do is subject to relativity?
  9. Truth and Progress

    Given that I have studied various approaches to spirituality, I could give you many examples of what people have defined as spirituality. In some religions, being drunk, taking certain drugs in various ways, open sexuality and ritualized murders are considered to be normal aspects of being spiritual. My situation is that I don't know what actually is spiritual. Given this, I don't know what progression is. Of course, if we accept a certain path or paths, it may tell us what is and what isn't spiritual. However, are these definitions accurate and other definitions inaccurate? How can we know for sure what is and what is not spiritual? This mental state of mind as well as emotional reactions does not make me able to tell you what I believe a spiritual person is. I can tell you what other people have said or written but I am not able to give you an answer from myself that I am certain is true.
  10. Truth and Progress

    Why are we here, no matter what our "morals" are? What is the sense of our "good" wishes or "evil" intentions? What purpose is there in building wonderful buildings and machines? Of course, it seems very obvious from a "normal" point of view. By doing these things, we are making a better world. Nevertheless, everything in this world goes away, no matter what it is. Why? Why are we living in situations in which everything is limited? What is the sense of all of this? I have read many books and I have listened to the lectures of many people in various places on this planet. My studies have included dealing deeply with various forms of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Daoism, Confucianism, Shintoism, so-called myths and fables, Satanism, agnosticism, and atheism. I was a religious devotee for a few years. Have been a vegetarian. Have mediated for many many hours. Have studied Ancient Greek, Classical Latin, Sanskrit, Hebrew, learned the Arabic script, Hindi, Urdu, Japanese, French, German, Spanish as well as dozens of other languages. Have studied Tai Kwan Do and sat for many hours in yoga positions. Have cleared my mind. Have studied herbal medicine and massage. Why? What has been the use of all of these endeavors? I have spent a few decades doing these activities. I have learned many things. However, I am not sure what is true and what is false in a spiritual sense. I do not know what God is, despite having experienced a White Light situation when I was 18 years old. I sense that I have "progressed" in some ways but I am not really sure what "spiritual progress" is. I am not stating these events for attention but only to express my very strong desire to find out what is my purpose in being alive. After all of my various endeavors, I could tell you stories and discuss various possibilities for months. However, I am not spiritually realized. I seem to have become stuck in a certain place and I am not moving forward. I do not want to travel anyplace new. What I believe that I need at this time is feedback from other people who may be able to help me. Maybe I will be able to help them as well. If you would like to be involved in this, please reply. Thank you.
  11. Greetings

    Namas kar. My purpose in life has been to attempt to find my reason for being alive. I have lived in various places and I have studied various languages and cultures trying to fulfill this objective. My first major in college was comparative religion and philosophy. During this time, I studied Ancient Greek, Classical Latin and Classical Sanskrit. I also studied Hebrew for one month so that I could learn the writing system. Later, I learned the Arabic writing system when I studied Urdu (the official language of Pakistan) for two years. Later still, I studied both classical and modern Chinese as well as Japanese. The religions that I have focused on include various forms of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Christianity, Daoism, Confucianism, Judaism (including Qabala), Shintoism, various tribal religions and various occult doctrines. I also have studied various forms of so-called Satanism. I have been a member of various organizations in order to practice various religions and to try to learn the purpose of my existence. I have lived for 13 years in China, India and Japan. I also have visited the U.K., France, the Netherlands, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). I lived nine months with the Navajo Nation in Arizona, USA and a year on Guam, USA. Other explorations have taken me to various locations in Canada, 37 of the states of the USA (including Hawaii) and a few trips to Mexico. My time with Muslims in the actual Middle East has been limited. However, I did meet many Muslims when I went to India as well as to Pakistan. My time with other Muslims has been limited. However, I have read the Koran twice in English and I have made airplane stops in Istanbul (Turkey), Kabul (Afghanistan), Dubai, the UAE and in Kuwait. I hope that I will be able to make useful and valuable contacts with various members of this organization. Thank you.