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  1. LTT MCO advice request.

    . As far as my practice I breath into LTT until I get warmth then I Focus Mingmen until it's warm, then focus back to LTT and try to condense a chi ball. All using Buddhist breathing. Then I lead the chi through MCO and finish at LTT. My goals are to build chi to circulate and work on discovering any blockages. Im studying Bagua and will begin circle walking soon so I'm trying to lay a foundation for that practice and prepare for fa jing training. Thus far I'm using Healing Tao USA practices for my still work but I have reservations about it and have read the criticism of it here. I feel the Inner Smile,Six Healing Sounds, and MCO are good but the fusion and the kan/ki practices require too much visualization for me. I'm searching for a core complete nei gong system that fits for me and I'm not in a hurry. I'm just making some positive life changes here and shifting my martial arts from external to internal. If my words come off as self judgement, I'm just being honest with myself and I'm seeking to understand these concepts in depth. Any good nei gung systems in Chicagoland? Thank you all!
  2. LTT MCO advice request.

    That you for the advice as this is a difficult subject to navigate.
  3. LTT MCO advice request.

    I began to study Daoism about 15 years ago and discovered I didn't have the maturity/patience for the practice even though I got some results. Now I'm 41 and I feel I do have these qualities. My LTT and MCO were at least mildly open. I got back to meditation 6 weeks ago and have been diligent. I'm unclear concerning LTT storage and refinement. I get heat and pulsing after a very short time of focus there as well as a breathing sensation. Lately the pulsating has travelled to my fingers and toes. I get twitching at many Locations. In my LTT it's more like a blob of heat and I'm trying to shape it into a pearl and compress it but it's not cooperating. I'm not clear on the sensation of storing or refining. BK Frantzis's book suggests its months before any storing takes place so I need some advice here. I get warmed up then run MCO and it feels ok there are some spots that feel like a trickle of flow and I'm spending time getting them to pulse and it's slowly coming along. I definitely feel like I get chi flow I'm just not sure I keep it.
  4. Greetings everyone.

    I'm a seasoned martial artist now getting into baguazhang and Taoist nei gung. I've taken classes from Michael Winn @ healing Tao USA in the past and own a decent library on internal arts and qigong. I'm interested in guidance through these internal experiences.