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  1. hello

    Hi Earl Grey, nice to meet another overseas chinese here hahaha I'm in the land of the missing & shot-down planes I'm a banana but feel more comfy with cantonese rather than mandarin. We have all kinds here, Hokkiens, Teochews, Hainans, Hakkas, Foochows and of course the cantos. Care to show me around and point out the other overseas chinese members? @Marblehead, thanks for the warm welcome. Well, I found one of his posts back in late 2015 where he said ppl could download a "transmitted version" from his website; unfortunately his site is "no longer available" Could you share your copy with me?
  2. Verse 94

    Hi, I'm new here and looking for your transmitted version. Tried to access your site but not successful. I'd be grateful if you can share a copy with me. Thanks
  3. hello

    I found this forum when googling dao de jing study group. I'm South East Asian born Chinese aka overseas chinese and a student of buddhism. A brief look at the DDJ made me think there're some similarities; hence my interest in the DDJ. English is my primary language, but I'm looking for translations and interpretations done by native Chinese speakers. The page I found thru google was a discussion on chapter 56 and there a user "on the path" mentioned a Flowing Hands book (of the DDJ?) which I would like to explore. Wonder if there's an online preview copy?