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  1. I am interested in learning qigong, do you know where. Can get details or next semimar and where it will be
  2. hi i am new to daobums

    hi i am new to daobums..i am a fre spirit and love budhism and taoism techings espeically the dao de jing i am really looking forward to learning from daobums and joining the forum chats. my name is nathan and i am interested in daoism. i study taichi for four years now and have recently purchased sifu terrys flying pheonix dvds and have recently started practising volume 1 and 2. i am having some trouble atm with some of the information thats why i am eager to join the daobum chatroom. i dont know how to to post in a forum it says i need to introduce myself. anyone know how i can post in forums please inbox or let me know.