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  1. Joyful Path

    Is this feeling of "Joyfulness" discriminatory against "Happiness"? Because on an overall daily basis I am happy with what I do and what I am doing. I feel that my choices, while ultimately bettering myself, aren't neccesarily selfish or narcicistic. I've often read that you need to in one way or another kill your ego and I'm definitely still working at it as I believe most of us are. But ever since I made the change [to Taoism and Vegetarianism] I am ultimately happy. If this happiness is also a part of joyfulness, am I still following the same path? Or have I strayed? I hope i'm still following the Tao and I believe that I am. But despite my ranting my original question still stands. Is Joyfulness seperate from Happiness? -Admiral Buttercrust
  2. Young Blood

    thanks everybody for all your help! i'll check all those out and see which works. THANK YOU!
  3. Young Blood

    hi, i'm pretty much new to Taosim [despite living my life losely down a Taoist path without even knowing it]. I'm 17 and pretty much alone. [there's no Taoist community, that i know of where i live] My only way of learning of Taoism is through Benjamin Hoff's books [The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet] and trying to muddle through the Tao Te Ching. Which is slightly difficuly since I can't always grasp what Lao Tsu means, just bits and pieces. What i'm really saying is, how did [anyone whose reading this] find any Taoists in your area [if you did succeed in finding any] and how did you learn more about it? The internet is a beautiful thing but most everything i find is either numbers or contradictions of other sources. So if anyone has any suggestions, advice, or good sources for one to check out i would be greatly appreciative. Thanks. P.S. I live in the Jersey Shore area if there is anyone also in the area. Just curious.
  4. new member

    helloo, i'm a new member and a relatively new Taoist in the young stagest of my spiritual development. 17 and trying to find my way through a sea of people who really can't help. i hope to find some help here.