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  1. Hi, Really interesting! Great way to start with acupressure and the like I was wondering how is it for the places like the neck or even the head? Should I imagine the Xs as continuing to go up on the front and back of the body? Also for the back, the there is much less Xs, is it because it is not exhaustive or are things different on the back? As an example, I have pain on the top of the shoulder and going on the neck, more on the back, where would the corresponding hot point be? I would guess on the top of the buttocks? Thanks again, glad to have discovered that
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    Hello, I'm new around here, I have been lurking for a long time, mainly in the daoist forum and would love to be able to ask questions and discuss more profoundly all these topics maybe I will be able one day to contribute too! Btw, as an introduction, I'm a neidan and xingyiquan practitioner mainly.