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  1. waking up

    I've few questions regarding awakening. 1. what does it mean to awaken? 2. is awakening a permanent shift or does it come and go? 3. how would you describe awakening in terms of the senses, thoughts, emotions and sensations?
  2. Shaktipat

    Hi, does anyone know a place where a guru can awaken my kundalini via shaktipat? I had a kundalini experience before (I was doing vipassana) but the energy went dormant.
  3. Trouble feeling energy

    Can you give an example?
  4. Trouble feeling energy

    I'm doing Goenka style vipassana (which as I learned is qi gong) and I'm able to feel energy moving on the surface of my skin. The problem is, I can't penetrate the inside of my body with awareness. I want to dissolve blocks, but I feel that my body is just one big block. How do I go about this problem? Can you recommend any techniques to increase my perception? Interestingly, sometimes when I wake up during night, I feel vibratory balls of awareness in my body and I'm able to move them around and 'feel' dark areas and dissolve them. Unfortunately this last for short moments as I fall asleep again
  5. hi

    I'm from Poland. Started meditating, went to 10 day Goenka retreat and was hooked. I realized today that Goenka's flavor of vipassana is very similar to Qi Gong, so naturally I decided to look for more information here My problem is that I can't feel energies inside the body. I can feel it on the surface, but can't penetrate deeper