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  1. Greetings from León, Spain

    I speak Spanish, if that counts for anything! With a pretty Chilean flavour - got family there. Welcome!
  2. How would you define 'De'?

    Atman = Brahman? (if you're familiar with the terms...)
  3. Britain and the European Union

    Thankyou! I think a lot of it is based on "I've got mine!" - but I'm rather more of the "From each..." school.
  4. Britain and the European Union

    I hear the Remain campaign is well-organised - you'll have to switch sides My father has somehow managed to become a prominent figure in the Remain campaign in his area - he's gonna be interviewed by CNN International!
  5. Britain and the European Union

    Who would decide what is illegal? Also, last year my mother got breast cancer. She had a mammectomy, went through chemo and radiotherapy, and is now OK. Didn't spend a penny. What would happen to people who didn't have the money to have paid for that? Leave them to it?
  6. Britain and the European Union

    How would healthcare work? How would prisons work? How would the government be funded? How would it be elected or chosen? It'd be fair to say I am anarchist also - but these things still have to covered in a stateless or near-stateless society.
  7. Britain and the European Union

    Well, fair enough. Sadly, this isn't the kind of stuff you can translate easily into partisan political stances.
  8. Britain and the European Union

    Who do you have time for?
  9. Britain and the European Union

    Again: not monolithic. The left includes Noam Chomsky, Leo Tolstoy, Gandhi and Nicola Sturgeon. Just as the right includes Mussolini, David Cameron, Nigel Farage and David Duke.
  10. How would you define 'De'?

    Thanks for the responses everyone. This had cleared it up pretty well for me. Old River, your explanation was especially nice. Well, OK! But I suppose I meant the use of the term - I don't think it's meant to be advocating what's sensible, just pointing out the concept. It's the saving that is the dharmic action, not the admittedly foolish way of trying to go about it
  11. Britain and the European Union

    Well, that's there as an element, certainly. But I don't understand it to define the modern left. When you say "we", which group do you refer to?
  12. Britain and the European Union

    Quoting properly got confusing, so I'm gonna just do it like this: r.e. whether things would be better were we "solidly dominated by socialist rule" - thoroughly depends on the nature of the socialism. It isn't homogenous. I'd rather you'd be a bit more civil about it, as well - you may think my opinions are invalid, but you could keep it to yourself. r.e. it being a start - I don't think so, really. I think we're better off staying in, where we can be a part of reform. r.e. Cambridge - I'm not from Cambridge, and am just here temporarily, so I can't comment too accurately on that.
  13. Britain and the European Union

    If you guys think Obama's a socialist, and that the SNP are socialist extremists, you're sure lucky I'm not in power anywhere In fact all our major political clusters in the modern West are solidly dominated by the objective right wing, and towards the authoritarian side rather than the libertarian too. Neo-liberalism and free market economics are what's causing the problem, and that won't change with us leaving the EU. I grew up in the UK's most Europhile county
  14. How would you define 'De'?

    Hmm, OK, this is making sense to me. I have been beginning to renege on my opinion that Brahman and Dao are different. A beautiful analogy, by the way. Really captures it.
  15. How would you define 'De'?

    Well then, allow me to relate a brief story: "A sage, seated beside the Ganges, notices a scorpion that has fallen into the water. He reaches down and rescues it, only to be stung. Some time later he looks down and sees the scorpion thrashing about in the water again. Once more he reaches down to rescue it, and once more he is stung. A bystander, observing all this, exclaims, “Holy one, why do you keep doing that? Don’t you see that the wretched creature will only sting you in return?” “Of course,” the sage replied. “It is the dharma of a scorpion to sting. But it is the dharma of a human being to save.” Does dharma, as advertised here, relate to your understanding of De? Thankyou for your response Michael Yeah, virtue didn't seem quite right, somehow - what does it mean to be the action of Dao? If Dao is not static?