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  1. I have been facing this problem for a long time: Limerence, its a term coined by Dorothy Tennov where you have obsessive thoughts about a person you don't even know. Its funny because it happened with different women, everytime the theme was the same (she was of a higher social status than I was) and I to this day have no clue what causes it. Its like my brain just shifts from one Limerence object to another (another phrase coined by the same author) and until it fades away completely (I confessed to my latest one, she told me she already knew and I'm trying to stop the fantasies) and it completely stops me from living in the moment. I know the psychology behind it and how oxytocin and endorphins are released everytime I have a fantasy. And not all of those are sexual, some are conversations I'm having to IMPRESS that girl. I have no clue how to not fall into this again, hell even the latest one is still in my head trying to hold on. Its scary how human brains work. I'm having chest pain (broken heart) as if Ive broken up but instead it was all in my head. Oh and also about semen retention, I have done it once and it lasted 153 days but haven't been able to do it again properly, whats the cause? I'm in and out, and the second best was 23 days and I ejaculated out of, well, I have no clue; it was a stupid trigger. It always is.