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  1. Shortcut to enlightenment

    Some "shortcuts" cut out ALL media from your life eat only real food refrain from activities that damage you
  2. Desire

    I focus on not poisoning myself, something i didn't do for a long time. It has helped me focus and is helping to improve my judgement...... I also have given up sugar! The ensuing hypoglycemia has been rough, but worth it. I use rice syrup and barley malt now as sweeteners, which helps.
  3. Desire

    desire is an interesting phenomenon, specifically how it drives actions based in things like pleasure, appetite, careers, and other things we "need" I like to focus on diet, and i wonder how much focus the OP places on food in comparison to the focus placed on things like textual studies, location, or perceived monk like life styles. is the impulse to eat crappy food based in desire? Does this mean eating healthy is fighting against desire?
  4. I'm so extremely lost

    Media may influence this
  5. I'm so extremely lost

    I have come to learn that a healthy body grows a healthy spirit. How is your diet?
  6. Introduction

    new person here, its nice having a "Kiddy Pool" where i can splash around before trying to swim in deep waters
  7. To begin my journey

    new student to Tao here, Im enjoying the exploration of Tao from various people, I have thought of myself as water, flowing through channels nature offers as Tao. Perhaps it is the empty mug into which coffee is poured?
  8. karmic implications of occult/magick

    new student here, taking studies seriously for about 6 months It seems you are focused on spiritual growth by removal of "bullshit", for which you are turning to manifestation magic. IF the body is born from the womb, and the spirit is born from the body, then focusing on building the body will place focus on building the spirit. How is your body functioning? Has diet placed some of these "blocks" in your body? perhaps addressing the physical will help you manifest in the spiritual
  9. Hello

    Hello, I am excited to be here on Dao Bums. I am interested in many things. To sum it up in one concept I would say internal cultivation. To clarify, I am a very new student to this idea. I have been lost in western culture for 28 years, but am making steps to turn that around.