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  1. The Daodejing and its Tradition

    Ill tackle this tremendous reading in various sittings, but for now I thank you for it.
  2. Adyashanti The Way of Liberation - free book

    I'm glad I stumbled upon this gem, I will add it to my virtual library.
  3. Hello all, I have not, until now owned a physical copy of the Tao Te Ching. I have audiobooks, and a file on my computer. However, I was visiting a book store and bought a few books (searching for the Ender's Game series books I did not already own). I came across a "economic and earth friendly" version of the Tao Te Ching. It was made from recycled materials, and a very thin compact edition. This was my main reasoning for buying it aside from owning a physical copy. I am not sure how I feel about the James Legge translation. I will absorb as much as I can, noting that these were very early translations from Chinese to English (also researching the back history of Mr. Legge). I want to know what all your opinions of this translation is, and what are the positives, and negatives of his work on it. Thanks everyone!
  4. I just stumbled upon this amazing collection, and to see some of Sun Lu'tang's works translated is amazing, and I will be reading these extensively and perhaps adding them to my practice. Thank you.
  5. Home page problem

    Please don't think I am complaining, I just assumed it was happening to only me.
  6. Home page problem

    Update, works on my phone but not on my computer. The computer just shows an image of Guan Yin that redirects me to Her wiki
  7. Home page problem

    Hello All, When I try to access the home page it says offline, and we will be back soon. Is anyone else experiencing this? I can log onto the page by clicking anything but the home page and the site acts like normal. Its easy to bypass but its kind of annoying. Thanks James
  8. Lenormand Reading

    My next Spread was for Liminal_luke I asked "Should he continue his health coaching, and is it effective" The cards I drew were as follows 10 Scythe 6 clouds 24 Heart 15 Bear 9 Bouquet The scythe means to quickly end or to cut things off, I assume this means the health coaching, and with the other cards, perhaps suggests targeting the problem?(scythe) There is a lot of confusion in your partner, this confusion has been put there by a person in his life. (clouds) This is found in his heart (heart) And is caused by an authority figure in his life, could possibly be mother (bear) And in perhaps in knowing this, a surprise or good luck will come your way (bouquet) I hope this is useful, and if you want me to do more reading into this and/or have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.
  9. Lenormand Reading

    This reading is for Michael, I asked "how you should go about asking your parents-in-law" I did a five card spread 23 Mice 17 Stork 5 Tree 29 Woman 30 Lily Remind your parents in law that Taking away, or causing you to lose something valuable to you, the furniture(mice) Losing this furniture causes a significant change(stork) Losing this furniture is like losing the Family Lineage/ Family History(tree) I think this should be done with the help of a woman, your mother. As you said before she has been able to effectively communicate (woman) Because both parties seem to trust your mother.(lily) (i will do more of a reading after I get to the others, consider this "part one"
  10. Lenormand Reading

    I have time, I apologies for not responding sooner. I will get to these reading over the weekend. And to others, i am more than willing to read for more questions this is super helpful to my practice. Thanks.
  11. Beginning with Yijing

    Hello people, I am trying to get into fortune telling via the I Ching (Yijing). I have found Youtube videos, and am trying to find more. Is there anything you all can recommend a beginner? Thanks everyone.
  12. Tao Te Ching and Wu Wei Audiobook

    Hello everyone, I have no clue if this has been posted here before, and if it has I apologies for the repeat post. However, there is a nice audiobook for free download of the Tao Te Ching (with an extended extra of Wu Wei that I have not gotten to yet). I often find myself listening to this when I have the time. I hope somebody finds use for this. Thanks everyone
  13. Lenormand Reading

    If anyone else would like a reading, or Michael and OldChi want an additional reading on this or more questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I really appreciate the experience.
  14. Lenormand Reading

    Hello Everyone, I have just finished Michael's reading. This turned out to be a multi layered reading, with two different selection of cards. The first selection was a general overview of the situation, while the second card reading was what should be done with this information. The first spread was 5 cards. 27 Letter 15 Bear 35 Anchor 10 Sickle 18 Dog Now the letter is the bills that are weighing on your mind. They are the first card, so they are the heaviest in your decision process. The rest of the card of the first spread revolve around this. The bear represents an authority or motherly figure. I assume perhaps some of this furniture has been passed to you from a relative or someone of value in your life. That may be why you are so strung up about this. The anchor is the choice to set port and wait it out, and wait for a time when you can collect the items from storage. The Sickle is the desire to "cut the anchor" and make a decision. You want something to be done, and you want it quickly. The bills are piling up and the furniture is important and weighing on your mind. The dog is a loyal friend or family member. I'm not sure what this has to do with the story. But there is another loyal friend connected to this situation. During the next spread I payed special attention to this to get more information. the next question is "what actions should be taken" The next spread was as follows: 3 Boat 12 Birds 28 Man The Boat is transportation of the items. The next two cards explain how this should be done. The birds are a meeting of close friends or family, perhaps the loyal dog. Perhaps you need to ask a friend/family for help transporting these things. This person has a connection to the items or situation already. The man card simply means this person is a male. This means a male friend, brother, cousin ect. They should get their vehicle and help you with this situation. This male, again, has a connection with either the furniture or perhaps the storage place itself. I hope this was helpful, or at the very least, entertaining. This was my first time with a multi-layered spread. I quite enjoyed it. Thank you for allowing me to do this. James D Cummings
  15. Lenormand Reading

    Hello For tonight's reading I did a three card spread for OldChi's question of "Where are things going in my life". Now before I proceed with the reading, I am going to explain the Lenormand system for this spread. The first card drawn is the subject, and the second and third are the details. The cards were drawn as follows: 17 Stork 8 Coffin 21 Mountain The order that cards are drawn in Lenormand is very important. The subject is the Stork. This card symbolizes change. The other cards are what is changing. The coffin is an end, or transformation. The mountain card is a blockage by a person or a situation. A change will happen, and it will be the end of a blockage. I am not sure what type of blockage, and I can do another 3 card spread to find out more if you choose. I hope you find this helpful, or at the least, entertaining. This is my first actual reading not on a family member or my girlfriend. Thank you. P.S. I will do Mr. Sternbach's readings tomorrow