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  1. Haiku Chain

    Of Sauvignon Blanc I simply have this to say; "New world trumps the old".
  2. Haiku Chain

    "Live in harmony", Plead the seventh fire prophets, "To light the eighth fire".
  3. Haiku Chain

    Is much the same thing As few, little or nothing? Perhaps, perhaps not.
  4. simplify

  5. Haiku Chain

    this moment in time consumes the past and excretes recycled futures.
  6. Haiku Chain

    They taste like chicken EVERYTHING tastes like chicken At least I can taste.
  7. Haiku Chain

    Have some déjà vu With a twist of lemon lime Make it sweet this time
  8. Using chi or thoughts to manifest cash flow?

    There are some interesting little tricks found in Feng Shui and Bazi that you can play with. Feng Shui: The simplest one is: Keep the toilet lid closed. Sure, it sounds superstitious, but what harm could it do to try? If you prefer, you can Think of it as an active conditioning practice whereby you anchor the idea of wealth to the closing of the toilet lid. The second one is: Place an object that represents wealth in the room corner that is the furthest visible corner from the front door. In this case, it's a passive conditioning anchor whereby you will always see the representation of wealth as you walk in your front door. Bazi: In Bazi, wealth is not possible without talent\work. Wealth and talent are both represented by one of the five elements, so if you have a lot of wealth element but no talent\work element, chances are that wealth will not accrue. However, if you have a lot of talent\work element, it's possible that you could accumulate wealth. If you know what your useful elements are then you can enhance\activate wealth accumulation by using Feng Shui or YangShengFa. I've heard of people using their Bazi to select the best times to gamble as well... I've never tried this and would never recommend it as a specific strategy for making money.... but it's quite common for Gamblers to use Bazi in Asia. If wealth is a concern for you, though, and the pre-occupation of money is creating distress, then it's probably best to re-evaluate your relationship to it, instead of trying to bend the universe to your will. You might succeed, but at what cost?
  9. Thorns, although embedded for a long time, still can be pulled out. Stains, although filthy for a long time, still can be washed away. Knots, although tied for a long time, still can be untied. Obstructions, although blocked for a long time, still can be opened up.

  10. Haiku Chain

    "No" limits to "self" "Yes" limits to "self" as well No limits? "Maybe".
  11. Haiku Chain

    They're not proactive They're not reactive either They're simply active.
  12. Take Astrology help......How?

    Thank you all for the feedback and reviews! I'll continue to accept requests for consultations until July 10th, 2016. If anyone else would like a Bazi consultation, please submit your request along with your birthday, birth time, birth location and birth gender to me before then. Diaitadoc
  13. Take Astrology help......How?

    I study and Practice Bazi. If you would like a consultation, I'll need your birthday, birth time, birth location and gender. If you'd like the consultation to be private, pm me. If you don't mind it being public, we can do it right here. If you have a particular question in mind, this is also useful.
  14. Interpreting a Casting

    The Imperial Guide is definitely a helpful tool, however I think it is through this particular compendium that some confusion can arise vis-a-vis the eight chambers. In section 2, two variations of the eight chambers are described - the lesser and greater roaming year sequences. Their transformations involve just one half of the trigram, and they emphasize that it doesn't matter which trigram is the one to change - the upper/outer or the lower/inner - as long as the changes continue within that particular trigram. Both the lesser and greater sequences use the same pattern of change, however they name the generations differently. Furthermore, they use the same terminology, which makes it a bit difficult to decipher. Wen Wang Gua uses the same terminology for the eight chambers as well, which makes things even more confusing, and since the sequence of change involves BOTH the inner/outer hexagrams, it leaves room for contemplation, to say the least. Jack's explanation of how Jing Fang developed his sequence helps a lot, though... he developed it from the Shi Er Xiao Xi Gua (the 12 enhancing and diminishing trigrams), so it's different than the 8 chamber sequence used in the Feng Shui schools. Like you, it's something I'm exploring. When I cast, I do two readings - one using Jing Fang's chambers, and one using the Feng Shui chambers - I'm interested in seeing what, if any, difference results, and whether there is more resonance with one method or the other. As things currently stand, Jing Fang's chambers have brought greater accuracy than the Feng Shui chambers. I'm not surprised, given the fact that the Feng Shui school's chambers are also known as "Mountains", and refer to space more than time... whereas Jing Fang's chambers are based off of the 12 monthly trigrams, which refer to time more than space. I think something we as English speakers (or even modern chinese speakers) might be missing is that the term "chamber" can represent both a spatial aspect (on earth) and a temporal aspect (in the sky - think of astrological "houses"). So Jing Fang's chambers are the ones to use for divination, IME.
  15. Interpreting a Casting

    Indeed, Fire Pearl Forest Method IS Wen Wang Gua. Another name for it is Liu Yao Yi Gua (Six Lines, One/Changing Gua). Yes, Jack Chiu's book is excellent but difficult to grasp without a background in Chinese cosmology, metaphysics and especially Calendrics. My background in acupuncture and Bazi have been immensely helpful in this regard.