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  1. This resonates with the story of Merlin according to Boron: Merlin can predict the future and that is the science of God. He also knows the past and that is the science of the devil. Life is not cruel, but Creal!
  2. Is there a concept of 'miracle' in taoism? I was under the impression that the concept of miracle was quite occidental, but I must be wrong. However, it can be interesting to explore the difference between the european conceptual history of miracles and the supposedly(?) similar concept of miracle in other traditions. When we say: 'I do not believe in miracles', obviously we rely on a certain definition of what a miracle is. I would rather phrase: 'What can a miracle be in order for it to reflect a singularity that might be active in the world without being always acknowledged by common sense or the scientific discourse. I think Heidegger refers to the question of will as being adjacent to technology. So if we are talking about 'action without will', we might be talking about agency without a technique. But meditation for example is a form of technique, isn't it? And even desire, if repeated and sustained in the form of a prayer, is a form of proto-technique of language, or is is not? I don't know anything about the concept of wu wei, but I am not sure we need to dismiss volition or will to attain levels of co-incidence or co-creation with the Flow (I prefer to call it Creal).
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    Hello, I was intrigued by the post on wu wei and miracles so I signed up. I haven't wondered how close my concept of Creal was to the concept of Dao.