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  1. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    1. Thus Have I Heard. On one occasion the Blessed One was living at Savatthi in Jeta's Grove, Anathapindika's Park. There he addressed the bhikkhus thus:, - "Bhikkhus." "Venerable Sir", they replied. The Blessed One said this: 2. "Bhikkhus, I shall teach you the summary and exposition of 'One Who Has Had a Single Excellent Night'. Listen and attend closely to what I shall say." -- "Yes, venerable sir." the bhikkhus replied. The Blessed One said this: 3. " Let not a person revive the past Or on the future build his hopes; For the past has been left behind And the future has not been reached. Instead with insight let him see Each presently arisen state; Let him know that and be sure of it, Invincibly, Unshakeably. Today the effort must be made; Tomorrow Death may come, who knows? No bargain with Mortality Can keep him and his hordes away, But one who dwells thus ardently, Relentlessly, by day, by night - It is he, the Peaceful Sage has said, Who has had a single excellent night." From Bhaddekaratta Sutta (A Single Excellent Night) Majjhima Nikaya #131 Translation of Majjhima Nikaya by Bhikkhu Nanamoli and Bhikkhu Bodhi.
  2. No-Thought-State / Two Questions

    From my experience, the breath does become so subtle and appears to cease, nothing to fear, or worry about, the more it occurs, the more you will acclimate to "no breath".
  3. Hello EveryOne !

    Thanks, Marblehead, for the warm welcome! Not much to tell really, have been on a spiritual journey most of this life. Mainly yogic path, lots of asanas and meditation, mantras, kriya yoga. Just continuing to evolve, always open to learning new techniques in order to take the journey to the next level.
  4. Hello EveryOne !

    Just wanted to say, "hello". I'm a newcomer to these forums.