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    I am proud to be a member of this most auspicious group. I have little practical experience in Taoism, but have a strong moral sense, and a good heart. I am probably over-read in Zen Teaching, and am very reverent of the works of Charles Luk (Lu Ku'an Yu), DT Suzuki, Manly P Hall and more. I am here to begin/deepen practice. Theory without practice is dead to me. So...given that the true Tao cannot be spoken of; can someone point out to me a qualified teacher/master in the Northern California area (Oakland Bay Area)? I am still 'pliable,' though I do not want to waste yet another lifetime in Samsara wandering aimlessly adding heads upon heads. I want to know how to put the teachings to work during this lifetime. Thank You kindly Sincerely, Another Ordinary Being.