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    Hello Everyone! I am 24 years old Italian guy who has been interested in eastern asian philosophies and practices for a few years now. I Studied Chinese culture at Uni, lived in China for a while, I can read the language and speak a little, I also like ancient chinese literature so if you have any doubt on characters or texts I will be more than happy to help. I got a basic knowledge of Yijing and Zhuangzi, TCM principles, QiGong, TaiJiQuan, Meditation styles and stuff but nothing really special since in the end I am primarly a lazy hobo who has got no house, no bonds and goes around. I must admit I happen to prefer so much better real life meetings, I am not really a forum guy, so if anyone is in London Metropolitan Maelstrom in the next weeks, I want to say I'd be very glad to meet random people. Pace&Bene