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  1. Hello everyone

    Hi, I'm interested to learn more about all this stuff, so that's why I'm here. I'm 18 years old and I'm mostly interested in knowledge that can be applied practically in life. I'm currently throwing out a lot of energy/emotional blocks if you could say it like that, in form of screaming, yelling, crying and every sort of sound or tremble you could imagine the human body can produce. How it all started.. I meditated for around 9 months and one day I started spontaneously shaking. And from the shaking it grew. Later on, what helped my "screaming" was mostly preserving my sexual energy, since I'm a guy, combined with certain bioenergetics, concentration on the breath, and lately it's playing guitar. While I play it works like a meditation cause I'm trying to be focused and in the moment while playing it just comes out naturally while playing. It's not particularly easy to do. All of it actually comes out naturally by itself. I just let this intelligence behind the body to do it for me. I don't force it. That's the trick I guess and a meditation in itself. From what I've been able to understand its all those emotions you never expressed, sitting in there all that time, and now exploding out of me. I only have some basic intuitive and lets say subjective knowledge on this. I'm just flowing from one experience to the next and trying to pick it up along the way. I'm interested is there anyone else here with similar experiences, or ways of dealing with their energy blocks or whatever you want to call it. Also since I've been dealing with all these meditations and what not, when I massage people I can also let my hand go and let that same intelligence bounce across the persons body I'm massaging. It's quite interesting and funny. Its like I'm trying to massage them in a way that would also open up their body and let loose their tucked up emotions. Any tips or comments would be appreciated. Thank you.