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    I created an account here to see if anyone else has had the same experience as me. I have been following mantak chia taoist yoga and have successfully completed the microcosmic orbit without any side effects excepts for some extra bowel moments and gas (which has passed long time ago). I can follow the flow of energy up my spine down the functional channel and have also opened the leg and arm route. I have now been practicing the seminal kung fu and can move my sexual energy with the big draw pretty effortlessly up my spine during self pleasure times. I have been successfully experiencing these kind of male multiple orgasm. How ever here is my problem. When ever I have a bowel moment and have to go to the bathroom and push it out some sperm is leaking out of my penis. I have checked to see if its a retrograde orgasm but my urine is clear after a self pleasuring session. This usually happens first thing in the morning when I have to go to do the nr 2 and no sexual encounter has taken place but still when i push the last poop out hard some semen leaks out. I'm bit concerned about this please help me if you know anything.