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  1. Hello from the UK South Coast!

    Hi all Just introducing myself here. I'm a 41 year old male from the UK and have been reading some of the threads here with great interest over the past few weeks. I'm very much a newcomer to Taoist Philosophy and have arrived here through an interest in practicing very basic Qi Gong over the past year or so (Shibashi set one and 8 Brocades which I learned from a local teacher). Despite my limited knowledge, I have a long standing interest in holistic therapies generally (as well as many other esoteric subjects) as I was treated with many modalities for severe addictions which plagued me throughout my twenties and thirties. Whilst I'm still battling some of my demons I'm very much on a path to personal recovery and I now meditate and practice QiGong regularly. I'm here hopefully here to learn some more on the journey through this life Andrew