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  1. Hello, friends :)

    Hey thanks for the insight! I'm going to expand my practices to include other aspects of Taoism. Your comment about balance really resonated with me, I think that's something I'm definitely missing on my journey so far.
  2. Hello, friends :)

    Alright where to begin... Ah, right, hello. My name is Mikias, pronounced Mik-ee-us . I'm 24 years old and currently living in Ethiopia but grew up in Canada and I'd like to tell you my daoist story. Here we go. I was going through some big life changes this last year and decided to get healthy. After quitting smoking, excessive drinking and drugs, I realized that I was still tired, unmotivated and unhappy. The only thing left was porn, and like many men who grew up in the age of high speed internet, I was a serious porn addict. So I did some reading and stumbled on Mantak Chia's books the Multi-O Man and Taoist Secrets. It made perfect sense to me, so I quit porn and started practicing solo-cultivation. More than any other change in my life, this was the most effective. The energy boost, the improved mood and general happiness was amazing. I was more social, extremely energetic and killing the gym. And after about the 10th day I would enter this euphoric state, where I was bursting with energy and always smiling. But, I got caught up in the multiple orgasm aspect of it cultivating for longer and longer periods until I go over the edge. I haven't been able to get past 14 days of cultivation without ejaculating. The temptation get's too strong, and alas, I'm too weak. The one bonus is that my PC muscle is tanky af from all my practice lol. And I've only been cultivating for a few months so maybe 14 days isn't a bad achievement. Anyway, now I want to take it more seriously. I'm hoping to go longer than 30 days, so I need to study and get more motivation to resist the temptation. I'm hoping this forum will have the information and insights to help me go past my current limit. I'm excited to join this forum and see what everyone else is working towards. - Mikias