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  1. Transgender Problem

    A psychological look at the latest progressive hobby: By Paul McHugh, MD, - University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
  2. Designed Chaos

    Communist techniques for 'fundamentally transforming' a nation. Be sure to watch the five minute video from a KGB defector at the bottom of article:
  3. In Praise of Virtue

    Master Hua
  4. In Praise of Virtue

    Tao Te Ching, LXVII
  5. Break up of Facebook?

    A founder wants government to do it - will it happen?
  6. Golden Light Sutra

    A much revered sutra filled with blessings & merit for those who recite, copy, memorize and share it with others:
  7. Golden Light Sutra

    The famous past life event of Buddha when he, as Prince Mahasattva, gave his body to a starving tigress is told in prose and verse in chapter 18. Buddha gives the karmic links of the major persons involved in that event at the end of the chapter:
  8. Golden Light Sutra

    Chapter Four is useful.
  9. In Praise of Virtue

    The value and power of faith, from Avatamsaka Sutra, ch. 39:
  10. Break up of Facebook?

    No techie am I, but for persons, keep their email & snail addresses in your Contacts file. For websites, make bookmarks & favorites. I never used or joined Twitter, Facebook etc.
  11. Roger Scruton Fired

    Twas only an unpaid advisory position but he is an irritant to many, so off with his head.
  12. Victims of Communism

    A patriot for Venezuela whose family has had to flee Soviet, Cuban, then Venezuela's Communism: [only 10 min. video]:
  13. Victims of Communism

    In addition to their website, this group has a YouTube channel; here is a recent video on Cuba:
  14. In Praise of Virtue

    The rest of Porphyry's comments on stage two of virtues:
  15. In Praise of Virtue

    Part of Porphyry's comments based four stages of virtue from his Master Plotinus' teachings. The passages in quote marks are from the Enneads.
  16. The essence of Buddhism

    If I had to pick one Mahayana text that covers every aspect of doctrine, path & results, I would suggest this one - in Sanskrit titled Mahayanasutralamkara. There are two excellent English translations, with commentaries. It is a large book with the commentaries, but those comments are needed to clarify many verses. One came out in 2014 done by the Dharmachakra translation group and the other from the Padmakara translators just came out late in 2018. The root text was taught to Asanga (a bodhisattva of the 5th century) by Maitreya a 10th stage bodhisattva, who will become in the distant future our next Buddha. Ornament of the Great Vehicle Sutras is the title of the Dharmachakra version. The Padmakara version is called A Feast of the Nectar of the Supreme Vehicle. Both are in epub versions also.
  17. Victims of Communism

    The Prime Minister of Poland addresses a Victims of Communism gathering:
  18. Yoga Vasishta

    The only full translation of 1891 by Mitra is now online and revised a little into smoother English. Also available are a one volume book version (Lulu $50) and free mobi & e-pub editions.
  19. I used to visit that site often, but do not recall if they included Sri Jnanadeva's long yet profound commentary. Here is one translation by Yardi that is online:
  20. There is an excellent site from AU on Yogananda & the Kriya tradition. Here is part of the section on God Talks:
  21. Rulu's latest and probably last collection, titled The Tathagata Store. Here is an excerpt from the Sutra of Unsurpassed Reliance, page 203:
  22. Yoga Vasishta

    Another good source is The Vision and the Way of Vasistha a condensation by Atreya that was not put into English until recently. See Samvid's translation in the Samata Books edition which has the Sanskrit for each verse also.
  23. Yoga Vasishta

    There are four main paths to Liberation, any one of which will be successful, if self-effort is pursued correctly & consistently: From B.L. Atreya's big study, Philosophy of YV, page 136
  24. Yoga Vasishta

    Self-effort is only a 'leading virtue', not the only one. Also Rishi Vasishta taught many paths - not sure if 'surrender' is one he emphasized much. He did mention surrendering one's attachment to worldly feelings & ideas though.