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    Honestly guys I only made an account here because I wanted to know more about Trunk's views on Mantak Chia. I was directed by a friend to google the book progression of Chia's works, which led me to a post here (, which links to a small webpage which was created by Trunk to speak on Chia in depth, which is now offline. Since I am a new member it seems I can't PM Trunk or even check out his post history, a feature that probably exists to prevent hateful/annoying spam. Anyway, about me. Young-ish kid from NYC. Looking to purify my vehicles for service to God. I know qi-gong can help. Back when I smoked too much pot I tried it for a bit, got surprisingly good results very quickly, but for some reason didn't stick to it (never been good at following through, the weed didn't help). Now I am interested in magick, spiritism, qi-gong, God (the One Power/Energy/Self), etc... you know, all the good stuff. Here's to you Tao Bums, and here's to hoping someone can help.