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  1. John Chang

    Oh, well, i'm sorry to hear that Is there such a person?
  2. John Chang

    Hey guys, I'm currently vaguely planning a trip to java. i thought on this occasion i might also want to stop by john chang and have a little philosophical chat. i know this sounds like a bold idea, but as it's really something i want to do in my life so i might as well be open about it. john chang for me is one of the giants who not only talks about doing chi but actually does it and produces measurable results. so something he must be doing right. and i want to find out exactly what it is. but i have yet to locate him on java, as i don't know his current whereabouts. i hoped you could help me with that. does anyone know which city he lives in? and i also want read some books on the topic, so that i can view and understand the world from his point of view. do you have any suggestions for me on that matter? you see, i'm a really curious guy. don't blame me for that i'd really enjoy your help guys!
  3. Hello Guys

    Hey there! I just signed up to this forum and i'm quite excited. Lately i became very interested in Qi-Gong and how it affects ones body. I'm also an engineer and very interested in exploring the famous chi-energy from that angle. Maybe there are some secrets to be uncovered? Anyway, i'm quite adventurous and I'd like to add to and learn from the collective wisdom this forum offers!