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  1. Is september 2015 the end ?

    Come now gentleman. There is no "end". Even if this phase of humanity goes completely extinct conditions will arise on some planet for the whole process to begin again. The process of the universe is cyclical revolution. Regeneration and degeneration. Even if it were the dark times or the "kali yuga" as some believe it to be the kali yuga is but a state that completes one cycle and begins a new cycle. Dont fret about the end my friends for, just as there is no concrete beginning, there is no concrete end. The world will keep spinning. The planets will keep orbiting the sun. Our solar system will continue orbiting the galaxy and the galaxy will continue its path through our universe.
  2. BOO!

    Hello, I am The Spooky Ghost but fear not for I am a friendly entity. I am here to learn, discuss and cultivate what we call the self. I have immense interest in all of the worlds religions but the esoteric aspect of Daoism I find myself most closely aligned with. I am hoping to learn and discuss meditation practices and methods of expanding or contracting the mind. I hope the same for the movement arts, specifically Tai Chi and Ba Gua. I also hope to meet new people and come to new realizations through my newfound buddies. Well, I will be seeing you around the forums!