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  1. Sundo & Hyunmoon Kim

    Thanks for the helpful insights. Is this expectation often helpd by Taoist schools and teachers generally, or is this an extraordinary case?
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for more information on the US-based "Mountain Taoist" school SunDo, founded and led by Hyunmoon Kim. www.sundo.org Has anyone here had any experience with this practice, under this teacher's direction? Any insight on how this practice fits in to the broader category of Taoist practice? I'm wondering if this is an outlier from the mainstream, or if it's representative of Taoist practice generally. Thank you.
  3. hi

    hi all, My name is Daniel. Almost twenty years ago, I spent some time--a few years off and on--practicing Taijiquan in my hometown (Portland, Oregon). I've moved around the country a fair amount since then, and I haven't practiced much at all. However, I've created an account here primarily to make sense of the experiences I had which have stuck with me. Which is to say, I'm here to learn. I also have some questions about contemporary teachers and schools of practice that have come up in my travels. For instance, at a Buddhist retreat I attended recently, some participants described to me their practice under a Taoist teacher that merited further inquiry. Thank you for keeping up a well-maintained and moderated board.