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  1. stuff i thought i knew

    Great video. I spent 10 years as a Pure Land Buddhist, then 3 doing Tendai practices, which included mikkyo practices. I didn't realize at the time they came from taoism but I do now. It is rather shocking that I was doing visualizations, moving my chi' without any understanding & my sensei didn't either. So I have no problem whatsover devoting 10-15 years of my life getting myself in shape & then attempting spiritual taoist practices. I have a few of M. Chia's books, so from what I read here Inner Smile is where I should start? I appreciate all the things you are writing. gassho Rory
  2. Rory from the u.s..

    Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Rory, I studied Tendai Buddhism and received a preliminary ordination as a shamini, in 2004, but reading Prof Michael Saso's books on Buddhism and Daoism, I realized the things I liked in Tendai were Daoist. And I never could ascribe to Buddhists' belief that this world is suffering; I really reject that. I started some of Mantak Chia's books and am reading Livia Kohn etc...So I look foward to discussions, engaging in practices, finding a genuine teacher and generally learning more. cheers Rory