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  1. He Shou Wu/fo Ti Question

    Yes, most herbs and supplements are not ideally taken alone (the fact that food is also medicine notwithstanding). I'm already using way too many supplements to do even be able to do something like that. For those of you confused about formulae: any decent (tonic) formula is designed to promote a balance and harmony within itself (yin and yang, five element, ++). Any off-centered formula is designed to RE-balance the [out-of-balance] person taking it. Many decent tonics will lean toward certain elements, towards yin or yang; but they don't exclude the spectrum. For example, Fo-Ti with wolfberry is going to be very yin and nourishing, but while correctional WRT yin deficiency, is not very well balanced as a tonic (unless you balance with a separate yang elixir, for example). It is possible to make a tincture of individual herbs and keep them separate, mixing at the time of ingestion. Just walk through the aisle of your local health food store if you don't think this is common practice. You can also decoct many herbs together. However, an herb which is ill-suited to decoction because of fat soluability issues (for example) will not be bioavailable in this state. "Polygonum [here they mean multiflorum, i.e. fo-ti, aka he-shou-wu, mr. He's black hair] is one of the rare herbs that is often consumed by itself." (source: Dragonherbs website) BTW anyone know other TCM herbal forums? Yoda: Powdered medica/herbs are okay if you trust the source... But why buy powdered reishi mushrooms?!? Just buy the whole damn thing, they're so beautiful. Great for cooking. You also know what you're getting. Nothing like a whopping specimen to inspire some respect. As a test I kept one I bought in 2003, it still looks like the day it was shipped to me. Also, since I haven't seen mention here yet, mountainroseherbs.com has a lot of high quality products (including whole reishi). Cheers!
  2. Ideagasms

    Interesting topic. I dated a woman for six years who learned, to our mutual surprise, how to do this. After two years, it was common. She felt very safe with me, as I urged her to explore more. Her physiology was such that she could ejaculate quite a lot... up to two cups in an all-day session. It was definitely related to the g-spot, although neither of us knew anything about it at the time, other than the raw experience and what it took for us to get there. Now, 8 yrs after having broken up with her, I'm finding all the same information you guys are. Fascinating stuff... I did assume that only very few women could do this.
  3. He Shou Wu/fo Ti Question

    VCraigP or anyone else - I have bulk He Shou Wu/Fo-Ti that is cured. It has been slivered into very thin strips and can be eaten raw, reminiscent of sweet potato chips. The pieces are larger than any of the tiny smithereens I had found in the past, so I assume it's "older" root. Does anyone know what is the most potent means of using this herb for grey hair reversal? Raw? I assume a decoction of the herb is best, with a basic formula. But would it be better to grind and take orally in pill form for controlled dosage, or make a tincture? I have even read where some formulae mix Fo-Ti with other herbs and recommend you apply directly to the scalp and leave overnight (if that doesn't change your hair color, it will at least change your pillow color). Honestly, daily decoctions are difficult for me to prepare and take. Can I boil and hold in refrigerator for several days? Any advice is appreciated.
  4. Another hello

    I'm Hierophant. I am an amateur with TCM herbology. I train martial arts occasionally.