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  1. ok soaring crane. this is great too. lets take this discussion to general discussion
  2. Hi I am new here.I came across this concept of semen retention and multi orgasmic man. I am very much interested in learning these things. I have been referred to this forum by someone to learn more. My personal story I am 26 non married and have pre ejaculation problem. I have been watching porn and masturbating for about 10 years or so. I tried real sex 5 to 6 times and failed all the time, could'nt last more than a minute. I am going to be married next year and i dont want to destroy my sexual life and i need ur help. I am very much interested in learning techniques to delay ejaculation, semen retentionand have multiple orgasms. I want to go more than an hour at first night with my wife Plz share your personal experiences, stories to the success Plz also guide me to the forums which can help me many many thanks in advance