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  1. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai - poems of Sun Bu-Er

    Daeluin, this is truly a breath of what I was hoping for by participating in this forum. My practice is very experience based. The practices in the school I study with are specific for developing and experiencing certain purposes; i.e. beginning with small universe, large universe, extraordinary meridian development and extending to yin/yang, 5-element phase and other more advanced applications. Many times during my practice, I will have a certain experience or realization which I will then later see in written form based on traditional texts that I have no prior experience with. Reading and contemplating these texts and commentary then deepen and extend my understanding. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai is an example of this and also what you just posted in your commentary of Ms. Gonet's translation of Poem 4. Like quantumdragon, I will reflect on your understanding of Poem 4 to see how it jibes with my experience. I hope you obtain a copy of her book so there is more open conversations in this thread regarding her translations and commentary.
  2. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    Hi y'all who have not read this specific translation and commentary of Riding the Phoenix to Penglai by Jill Gonet help me understand why you believe you have anything to say in this forum without having read and contemplated it? Do you have any idea how dismissive and destructive to those of who have read it for you to say anything about its contents without you yourself having read it? Are you able to see how the seed of this entire discourse sprouted from the fertile experience of a FEMALE dedicated Dao practitioner who shared her authentic experience? You do not have to corroborate or agree with her that this is your experience, but it is degrading to you and everyone you touch with your words to presume you know anything about her realization or even what she says in her book if you have not read it. She did the work, you pontificate your presumptions. This is predatory. Please at the very least attempt to see how the fertility of Ms. Gonet's cultivation nourishes your energy and attracts your interest to this topic. I am a female practitioner. Are you interested in any way in what the authentic energetic experience and realization of me or any other female practitioner is? If you are male, I urge you to contemplate your interest in what arises naturally from female alchemy. Maybe there is something there for you! I also urge you to question any belief that you are what you have learned or your opinions about what you have learned. You are most assuredly not that! It may seem to you-who-have not-read-the-foundation-topic-of-this-post-thread that I am in attack mode in an effort to put myself above you. Can you see this is a masculine response? What I hope you can understand, is that sharpening your claws and swords is not the way into Heaven. I do challenge you to see that at this point in human history on Earth, the male energy must learn to listen and, yes, even yield at times to the Divine information flowing through the feminine. Domination simply must cease or our very planet will cease! Is this not of concern to you? We who profess to be able to experience and express the movement of the spheres can surely learn from and complement each other!
  3. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    Open Dao, I wish to understand in order to deepen my understanding of my own cultivation experience and have not differentiated my energetic experiences according to the categories of prenatal and postnatal qi and/or jing. This understanding could be very important for me to understand at this time. During your practice, how do you differentiate these qualitative differences? Thank you.
  4. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    When I referred to pg 6, it was the pg 6 of this post thread. I have to wait until next week as I have out of town company right now.
  5. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    dear quantum dragon, it is a double blessing for sure!
  6. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    The reason I joined Dao Bums was to have conversation with other practitioners about Riding the Phoenix to Penglai. If you haven't read it, please get a copy from for $19.95. Jill Gonet translates the poems masterfully, and provides extremely useful commentary and suggestions (for females and males) from her own authentic, thorough, ongoing experience. There is a lot of interference getting back to Penglai from now (page 6 and interested people have already given up on this thread). Any suggestions about how to get back to topic? Do we need to begin fresh with a newly titled topic? Should there be some kind of password in order to make a comment? For example, "The third word on page 55 is..."
  7. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    Open Dao, I had this very thought this morning. Only, instead of schizophrenic hallucinations, what is happening is a conscious and deliberate effort manipulating a grand energy harvest. Always dangling a bait to be taken. The masked animal gave away the scheme. I think we are all quite through with misguided brilliance. Not that it matters in any way to a person with narcissistic or sociopathic tendencies (and please disregard this if this comment hurts, because if it does, I'm the one who is wrong here. But if it somehow makes you happy or believe that you have won some kind of conquest over the inferiors confronting you, my point is proven), my absolute sincere hope is everyone realize that theft of other's property (including energetic property) does not in any way promote the soul, but in fact degrades it. Somehow, I know this has been said before. Now that I know, it actually degrades my own soul to feed another's affliction. So, moving on.
  8. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    So many ways to describe The Receptive (which in my experience so far cannot be experienced without some seed getting a toehold). Maybe one of these beautiful descriptions will break through the mind mesh. How do you personally experience, “The Receptive”? Are the lines open, or are they broken? Where does going through the layers of The Receptive lead?
  9. New to Dao Bums

    I am new to Dao Bums and have been following the varied viewpoints and experiences on this topic with great interest. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai translation and commentary by Jill Gonet is a profound and practical cultivation guide. After reading it the first time, I was ready to throw most of my other books into the well, and the second read/contemplation brought to consciousness, "Stone into Jade."