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  1. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai - poems of Sun Bu-Er

    I cannot agree with you more freedomrose. Sun Bu"er is a wonderful teacher with great " pruning shears" for postnatal energies. As Ms. Gonet mentions in her commentary this can feel quite severe. I welcome the severity. When I feel the feeling of "severity" I know my ego has identified with something that is not De. I thank , in great gratitude, any and all guidance from the Immortal Sister leading me to understand, realize what an act of love disciplining a student is. I have had some "severe suggestions" and great support for transformations regarding my participation in the old Pengali Thread. There it is for everyone to see , my post natal state. What joy to be exposed in order to learn, have realizations and insights to bring into my practice purifying the Organ systems. .
  2. Stabilizing full-body breathing

    Your post is why I love being on the Daobums forum. I get to have someone explain in detail all the science stuff that I need to know for my classes and to satisfy my intellectual curiosity but am too busy to do more research beyond class requirements. Me you say? I am about simple in my practices My scientific method is studying my practice energy flows . I devoted months to stabilizing the xuan state so I could enter and exit at will. Once the gate of Xuan is free to pass then the void is not far, nothing is far everything become so close and spontaneous. I am focused by something already there. I suspend all though and use my mind to take cross section snap shots to quickly store and forget in the moment. Then after practice I examine. Then to figure out what all those stored snapshot mean. And then what happens you say? Then I get an email from daobum where someone has explained what I wanted to know. I LOVE this forum ! Thank you for you brilliant words/mind and time in researching.
  3. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai - poems of Sun Bu-Er

    I am speechless.That is so brilliant. I am going to need to study what you have written.
  4. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai - poems of Sun Bu-Er

    Thank you gracious Daeluin for creating this space. I am posting from my person experience practice results from training I received for Taming the Dragon what is traditionally called Dragon Tiger Mating. I enter the state of Xian then pass through the gate of Xuan to the Void. As I become more and more relaxed a primary circulations takes over. My mind is empty, my intuition stopped. No thought of any kind. Body sensation with Authentic Spirit leading a spontaneous movement. From the top of my head to the tips of my toes the energy coming in is hot, heavy ( very , very heavy)and descending and contracting. My whole body contracts from the outside moving inward in what feels like a multidimensional spiraling motion. The belt meridian then contracts to the point that my navel touches my life gate curling my body somewhat forward. Simultaneously my chin connects to my big toes and beings moving backward and forward kneading the qi like bread or like rocking a baby in a cradle. This movement of the head connected to the earth and the feet enhances the energy between the lower dantien, the jade pillow area , the front of the forehead and the sacrum. My arms may move with the hand, wrist and elbow positions changing to direct the qi. Then the pelvic floor opens , the earth gate expands to encompass all below. My knees bend up and down kneading the energy more purifying. I stand with this flow of energy until it naturally shift. When it returns from the earth it travels in multidimensional spirals up the inside of my legs but it feels like there are no legs only a tunnel straight up the center of my body in front of the spine out the of of my head into eternity. This energy feels light and cooler but still warm. While this circulation is occurring the energy in the sacrum becomes very hot and starts pumping qi up the du meridian and down the ren. The lower dantien then begins to spin like a gyroscope condensing. The pumping action of the sacrum then spreads through my entire body and acupuncture points all over my body begin to heat or cool synchronizing with the pumping feeling at the sacrum and lower dantein then connect with stars. The colors on my mind screen vary sometimes a Mandela of crimson with swirling gold sometimes a beautiful Caribbean sea blue with gold swirling, other times a static solid white yields to a dark black with white chevrons speckled through. Depending on the organ system(s) being upgraded. The qi is so strong and palatable I often wonder if my legs are strong enough to hold the weight. The strength of it feels like my body might break. But then it all changes and become elastic . The sacrum is more static and the qi is less centralized, it comes and goes rippling through my muscles and tendons , soaking into the bones. I know the bathing has completed. The final phase is cold. Cold being misted out of my body for hours. Ice cold in the midday sun, in the heat of summer. Cold moving out from the center of my very being returning to the earth. .
  5. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    You are welcome great might healer . Please continue to offer more of your energy in any form. Especially your insightful "advanced circulations" so good. So wise. Cannot get enough of OD healing energy. I love to circulate any thing gifted in the triple circulation method. Everything there becomes gold. For you, for me, for everyone on this forum.
  6. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    Oh please do not get banned we need your healing energy. It feels so good everything you say. LIke candies for babies. Thank you great healer opendao. I Love your soothing self. Please be kind to an old lady heal more.
  7. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    I feel opendoa is kind to give us all his energy. He is a great healer. Every comment give qi to others. the secret is it does not matter how he feels or what he send to u, he is a great healer, If we know our practice ... before blood in the void all can be converted to original qi. Thank you great healer opendao.
  8. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    Stay tuned we may have something good soon. I hope if not here another forum. The work will find it true and appreciated home. It is Universal Energy Governing the Rise of the Great Yin on the Cosmic clock. As the Yijing counts the years and season of yin and yang rising the earth and humanity are mirroring 2500 BCE. Yang is declining and yielding in the cosmos nothing humans can do to stop this. A few peoples effort will not matter in the grand scheme of things. In terms of timing effort it is good to be in harmony with how the " season " of the procession of the equinox is going. Even right now Yang in a year is declining Yin is rising. Soon the wondrous Midnight in a year comes. I can only do my best with harmonising with Universal Energies.
  9. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    I have heard you accuse several times about promoting something...really OD //this from you who promotes your school with every post?! I find you so funny. What on earth would any of us on this forum who have read Ms. Gonet's translation of the title of this thread have to gain financially or in any other way.
  10. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    I am working with many men and women committed to having Sun Bu er's work made available to the public. We have some lovely , honoring things in store for the new safe place Sun Bu er's benefactors on Dao Bums have graciously given her. We are all blessed by the Benevolence shown by Dao Bums moderators and creators. In my mind they show true DE. As for OD, the world is full of all sorts of people living out their destiny. He has no effect on me no matter what he says or does. I have found, as Sun Bu er Poem 1 lines 5 and 6 from the title of this forum thread, through my training, a safe home for my spirit. During the silly dust up with OD, this image came into my mind screen. He Xiangu know how to rid an area of flies ; )
  11. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    Are you really still talking about your hurt feelings? EMO much? Goodness Child you are sensitive boy. Let us move on. I do not have hurt feeling over all you have said about me. You are still hurling insults at me. We are our beloved moderators when men do this??? Have you read the book that is the Title of the this thread? Have you commented yet on your personal experience of the training described in the book? Hint it is not just for women...SURPRISE! I would love to hear your commentary on your own personal experiences practicing the exercises outline in the poem Taming the Dragon. If you need help decoding these I will help you. They are a poetic version of your beloved scripture.
  12. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    I speak from my experience here. I agree we all need to follow the rule of polite society when dealing in the "other worlds" . We all have heightened abilities from our practices. I do not randomly scan other people. I am paid handsomely for this task in my work life.Why would I want to read people for free? Really do any of you come home at night or on the weekends and just for fun work? The only reason this topic was mention was a violation of the laws. It is not appropriate ever to energy someone's private space without permission. From all the energy coming in here at my house I feel we are doing something worthwhile here. In y training we have many classes in Ethics because we have greater power and awareness than ordinary people. And without being at the height of awareness ( something I am not all the time) we can and do invade other people's boundaries. I am sorry if I hurt someone's feelings. I do go on auto protect when there are so many men the BJJ power just kick into gear to fuel everything. I forget sometimes I am not one of the guys so I cannot get away with the for fun tussles you fellow seem to have in good fun. When I do it it is not fun for you and it really is not joyous for me. Even though my auto protect mode was on today it was modulated by trees who are close friends and allies of all humans they would not let me actually hurt anyone physically or emotionally scar. Well good night Gentlemen and Ladies.
  13. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    I will share my experience of the last few days from the perspective of my training. I do not attack. My body has been trained for automatic protection there is no defensive stance . There are several choices in the offensive stance, transform the energy, compost it or send it back or since it is incoming I may take the energy and fuel my body with it since it is a gift. My training has been intensive training purifying .activating and energising the organ systems, the extraordinary meridians and other cauldrons, gates, tripods and circulations for Internal Alchemy. As mentioned in Sun Bu er poem 3 page 36 Riding the Phoenix to Pengali translated by Jill Gonet Practicing Hold back the breathing and concentrate the mind on the place where the Qi appears in the East. Then , thought are ten thousand unattached threads, and the one Qi returns to the platform. and then Yang light - like a seedling planted in the ground. From mountain top and ocean bottom one hears thunder after the rain. This is not just poetry it is a highly technical document packed with training codes. As I have said part of my training is to learn to identify Yin Phenomenon inside myself and in others. Yin phenomenon come first , and easily. My body knows before my intuition or my intellectual mind what is incoming. Especially on alert while posting on this forum. There are specific circulations having to do with an cleaned up spleen, and open alert third eye, and a female curious organ deeply grounded in both heaven and earth that boots up the extraordinary meridians and a defense system that help me get through life being very sensitive. I set my intent today not to transform or compost but to return to sender. Granted it was an experiment. I just did not feel like doing a group healing transforming, or composting there are too many of you boys and you are not my clients. I had so much help today from my mentors. Alone I could not have done these series of postings. Thank you Grandmother Mu <3 I am still posting under the theme of this thread everything I have said is from the book. I understand the rules of this forum better now. I will not tell you when I send your energy back when you attack me. I will not describe what I see in your energy body unless you violate my sacred space and come to me without permission... then all is fair in ..well you know the rest.