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    Hi all, I'm a young 21 year old man (although I think my life experiences have developed my mental maturity beyond that after dealing with some hard situations in my youth). I desperately am in need of some help after practicing self-inquiry with basic meditation focusing on the 3rd eye as well as breath over the last year Everything was working out at quite a fast rate compared to the average person with my simple practice, probably even too fast in a much too confident manner if I'm honest. I started to gain lots of self awareness and really started fixing deep rooted ego problems. I then began getting these strange energies in my spine and all over the nervous system, tickling sensations to be exact it seems I can focus on where the sensation is happening and it feels like incredible healing in my spinal alignment and nervous system. Then one day it came on incredibly strong like a burning fire up my spine with this amazing feeling of bliss and since then I've been having textbook kundalini symptoms which I could manage without any problems and keeping my psyche completely calm which I took as a good sign as if I was making progress and simply going through an awakening phase. However there is one nasty symptom that really bothers me, over the last 3 months I started suffering from an abnormally high heart rate constantly - 24/7, even when at rest. its much worse when I exert myself in any manner, scarily so to the point where I'm petrified to do anything that might slightly raise my heart rate. I went to multiple doctors including 1 of the best cardiologists and 1 of the best pulmanologists in the area, after their tests I checked out as abnormally healthy in my lungs and heart and they simply gave me anxiety meds which have no use in fixing anything. I then proceeded to do various grounding exercises that really don't seem to lessen the problem. What can I do to tone down this excessive heart rate? it's really starting to disable me from living a fufilling life Any advice is much appreciated, thank you!