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    Hello soaring crane and thank you for the warm welcome and for the heads up. I've read the posts you mentioned and am ready to start my contribution here. Could you please tell me where I can edit my signature? Thank you and best wishes to you too.
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    I haven't been deeply involved with daoism. I do drink Chinese herbal teas and am fascinated by Baguazhang but I stumbled on this site while I was looking for information about Bashar's views on the samsara. I started my journey with a great teacher who belonged to the lineage of Ramana Maharshi. I have done lots of different spiritual practices from all the traditional and modern techniques to fasting, enemas and meditating with crystals. I am passionate about psychology and nutrition too. I have been involved in far too many things to include here so I will only mention my favourites. These are the direct teachings of Ramana, the integral theory of Ken Wilber, the system of needs and strategies of Tony Robbins, Bashar, The Lefkoe Method and brainwave entrainment. I approach nutrition based on its effects on my consciousness, my psyche as well as my physical health. I have experienced non-dual consciousness, it has left its mark on my system of self and it began its integration towards non-duality about 8 years ago, with regressions and downward spirals along the way to overcome making the process extremely challenging. There is no turning back now. I am going to share some lessons I have learned on my journey with you and I am looking forward to connecting with you all.