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  1. Internal vacuum/ diffusing chi/ MCO

    I don't think I have a specific goal in mind, it's more that I'm interested in finding out where this practice leads and what the benefits are...
  2. Internal vacuum/ diffusing chi/ MCO

    Thanks for the replies so far, I think I am at the stage where I can feel various sensations in the body but have no idea what effect it is having on the body, I don't think I could easily claim to feel any great benefits so far (having been able to achieve this for a few years now), in terms of increased vitality, health, fitness or whatever. I'm interested to hear from anyone else who has got further along with this than I have (which still isn't very far).
  3. Internal vacuum/ diffusing chi/ MCO

    Ok, yes that sounds reasonable, the feeling will change as the practitioner progresses. I suppose the more important question is how do the various methods affect the body and what is the difference between them? Also where does Bruce Frantzis talk about sucking energy like a straw, in one of his books I presume? Thanks
  4. Hi All, For the last few years (and more intensively over the last six months) I have been trying to feel/guide chi around my body, mostly through microcosmic orbit practice in combination with dissolving type exercises as described in some of Bruce Frantzis' books. For quite a while now I have been feeling strong sensation on whichever part of the body I direct attention toward or try to relax, this sensation can only be described as sexual/orgasmic energy, and is pleasant feeling but also feels like in a way that the feeling diffuses around the area I can feel it. I have been moving this sensation around my upper body, which has formed my main practice, recently however I have felt that I can concentrate this feeling more directly when coordinating the attention with my breath, this in a way feels like more suction is being created within my body so I can 'suck' the energy up up spine, however it takes more effort and the feeling is not the same pleasant feeling as before (although not unpleasant). My questions are as follows: 1: Which of these two (if either) is the MCO circulation supposed to feel like? 2: Has anyone here tried both these methods/ do they sound familiar ?(if so I would be interested to talk to you) 3:What are the advantages/disadvantages of each? 4: Is the feeling of sexual/orgasmic energy infact just energy/chi leaking from the body in some way (i mean when felt in the upper body away from the sexual organs) It is quite difficult to make my description of the various feelings clear, but hopefully someone will see some familiarity with what I have described. Thanks for reading
  5. Moving the body with chi

    I practice Wing Chun, so it does have an internal aspect (depending on the school) although i personally believe it should be emphasized slightly more This is interesting - So you believe that if energy is running smoothly enough then you shouldn't be able to feel it...how would one then differentiate from not feeling anything through lack of internal awareness or not feeling anything because the energy is simply running smoothly? do many others share this opinion?
  6. Moving the body with chi

    Although in the past my interest has been in martial arts, to be honest I am becoming less interested in fighting applications and more concerned with health - physical and mental I agree, to some extent, I have had a martial arts teacher for a long time, but not in the internal arts, as I mentioned above I'm becoming more interested in other aspects of practice. Perhaps you are right though
  7. Moving the body with chi

    this is definitely a good and interesting read - thanks for the info. Nice simple answer and yet helps me a lot in understanding what I'm trying to talk about - thanks
  8. Moving the body with chi

    Thanks for the interesting reply, zhan zhuang seems worth some investigation, although I've known about it for a long time i dont think I've ever seen the value and hence never attempted it... although I think I am finally starting to see the importance of such things.. Cheers
  9. Moving the body with chi

    Hi all, I wrote briefly in the welcome section that my background in martial arts for the most part has not been focused on the internal aspects. A few years ago I became interested in manipulating/conserving sexual energy, which is what led to me attempting to learn about the microscosmic orbit etc. After a few years of practice, not really following any particular method as I felt the most progress when just experimenting with my own methods, I have come to the point now where I have what I believe to be a good awareness of 'energies' within the body and can feel sexual energy (orgasmic feeling) in any part of my body that I wish to feel it. So far I cannot feel any obvious physical benefits apart from perhaps increased energy, although one interesting thing that I have been experimenting with over the last year I can only describe as using this energy to move the body, its very difficult to describe... but I'll try... because I'm sure many of you can do this...Rather than 'physically' trying to move my arm for example I can just picture the arm moving and it does... only for simple movements, such as extending the arm straight forward. As I said its difficult to describe, but really I'm just searching for others who practice this, I suppose I'm looking for what steps to take next. As I said I don't follow any particular teaching I just experiment on my own.. Any comments/ advice on where to go with this is welcome and appreciated.
  10. Hello from UK

    Hi everyone, I have been reading the posts on this forum for a few years now but have only just decided to create an account. I have been involved in martial arts for most of my life now (mainly Wing Chun) but have recently become more interested in the internal aspects, more specifically I became interested in the building/manipulation of sexual energy and nei gong, which I have been working on for a few years now. It has come to the point where its becoming more difficult to find the answers to my questions through regular searching on forums, this being the main reason I decided to get involved with this forum. Look forward to speaking with you all soon.