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  1. Recommendations / esoteric exercises

    By: 1. changing and shaping my self to achieve balance with the surrounding world. & 2. not hurt them when i say help, i mean physical help. e.g help a poor family giving them some bread is better than sit and pray for them ONLY - (example of physical help) i try to run these little humane errands everyday.
  2. Recommendations / esoteric exercises

    i ask for them for experimentation. 'success in relative reality' as you mention, is just YOUR own translation of what 'success' is to be. you become judgamental polarizing success and failure, there's no success and failure. 'success' , i use this word for you to understand, is shape this 'relative reality' so that all sentient beings have a chance to see the 'truth'. e.g in plain English it is more 'successful' to help as many sentient beings as you can in this 'life' and guide them, than sit your ass 5 hours concentrating into the void. from all the 5 examples you give: I I I I I. too much ego my friend there. peace.
  3. Recommendations / esoteric exercises

    There's no success my friend, only enlightenment. success or failure is in the mind of the fool. And i never follow recommendations nor commandments, i follow balanced ideas.
  4. Daskalos!

    'This is a Daskalos thread. It's not about me.' ... and you keep in a dozen paragraphs stating about YOUR experiences.
  5. Daskalos!

    I was living in Strovolos the most part of my childhood. Was a kid when this great teacher died sometime during the 90's. I know a lot of people who meet him in person and very often i meet people close to his family. I am always eager to hear stories from people who experienced his teachings and spiritual power first hand. I read his book on esoteric teachings and done alot of exercises form his book on esoteric practices. Stylianos is a shining star guiding believers on the path to enlightment. Can you please share/recommend some materials you've read and meditation exercises you follow/tried ? (other than stylianos') What kind of prayers you use while meditating ?
  6. unconditional love

    Unconditional love, towards all: just do not immerse yourself in an endless thought pattern of hatred towards enemies. Be indifferent and deport the negativity that arises because of this in your mind. Keep enemies at bay, be neutral. 'Love' them, so as your mind and spirit be at peace - not hating. ... until they attack you. Defend yourself.
  7. unconditional love

    "He insulted me, hit me, beat me, robbed me" — for those who don't brood on this, hostility is stilled. Hostilities aren't stilled through hostility, regardless. Hostilities are stilled through non-hostility: this, an unending truth. (Verses 3-5) Dhammapada An enemy, someone that is hostile against me, by showing unconditional love and remorse towards that person isn't putting me through more troubles ? I can't love my enemies, not hate them i understand, but bringing them closer to me ? why ? *Baffled*
  8. Recommendations / esoteric exercises

    10 Day Vipassana Course. (For those that didnt have the chance getting to a retreat, this is as close as it gets) Thank you guys for your great recommendations !
  9. Recommendations / esoteric exercises

    prolonged(expanded consciousness & spiritual encounters) lets say... But isn't all of the above trees surrounding the path of the mystic ? By walking the path, getting to know and connect with your higher self, you can sit under the cooling shadow and reap the fruits of any tree you want... right ?
  10. Recommendations / esoteric exercises

    Thank you sir, i just got an electronic copy of MCTB - "An unusually hardcore dharma book" I'll start reading my way through. Peace.
  11. Greetings to all ! I'd appreciate it immensely if you recommend some books dealing mostly with esoteric exercises/practices. I'm currently reading Mouni Sadhou's concentration manual. Have practised also Rudolf Steiner material and some 'mainstream' exercises on astral projection by Robert Bruce and other authors also. On meditation (pranayama,insight,mindfulness etc) have also spend time practicing, although if i find something 'hardcore' - more in depth i'd be more than glad. What else is there available that can get me going in this direction of practicing? Thanks in advance !
  12. Greetings

    Greetings to all, I've been studying and practicing esoteric gnosis and occult subjects for the last five years. Read a lot of publications on Buddhism, meditation & concentration practice ( studying Mouni Sadhou at the moment), on astral projection, theosophy, and on spirit invocation and evocation (with the latter i didnt mess much due to my still novice status - mostly King Solomons books,Aleister Crowley books) I practice also martial arts. With theory i'm ok, it's practice i need to delve into deeper. Apart from Mouni's books, and 'mainstream' meditation techniques and astral projection, what other books offer good material to strengthen the core faculties and 'instruments' to build a solid base to move forward ? (e.g concentration, will power, imagination etc) I am thirsty for exercise ! I had a glimpse of the astral, and came across with some dark entities in my first steps of experimenting, but i gave a promise to myself to return when i'm spiritually stronger. So what books you recommend for exercising ? Thanks alot ! *sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native language