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  1. Finding Discipline in Taoism

    Thank you all for the responses, it's been a great way to begin my journey here! I'm not sure there's a ~necessary~ discipline to it, however... I think where I'm coming from is something said best within the text: "Higher people hear of the Tao They diligently practice it Average people hear of the Tao They sometimes keep it and sometimes lose it Lower people hear of the Tao They laugh loudly at it If they do not laugh, it would not be the Tao" My understanding is that it has more to do with an active participation and observance of the Tao. Then again, that's why I'm here, to further explore things with other like-minded people. I definitely think you've got some good points there, and don't think you're necessarily wrong. My background that inspired me to even look into this is T'ai Chi and Aikido. Both highly emphasize effortless action, or "wei wu wei" (Aikido calls it something else, but I don't recall what). My understanding is that both arts place high value in the mental philosophy encompassing life, not just the martial art itself. So, doing great things with minimal effort, etc. Here, more text! "Plan difficult tasks through the simplest tasks Achieve large tasks through the smallest tasks The difficult tasks of the world Must be handled through the simple tasks The large tasks of the world Must be handled through the small tasks Therefore, sages never attempt great deeds all through life Thus they can achieve greatness" Thank you all, again.
  2. Finding Discipline in Taoism

    Hello, I'm Alex, From the Pacific Northwestern US. While religiously and spiritually complicated I found the Tao De Jing and fell in love with the concept. Have been slowly moving towards the philosophy and disciplines in my life. Not having resources nearby decided to seek out an online community. Here I am. I'm hoping this will be a good fit, and that I'll be a good addition to you. Thanks for reading my welcome!