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  1. My thinking as far as exercises go is to separate them. Practice the inner smile as much as you can. This is a direct connection to expanding the heart energy. Then while practicing the healing sounds, keep this inner smile energy constant throughout the exercise. Eventually, this inner smile will grow bigger then the exercise and follow you wherever you go. And of course, the vibration from the sounds will resonate throughout your organs and expand on their own. Like riding a bike, once you get it you just enjoy the ride. After practicing martial arts for many years, the inner smile had the most profound effect on everything and I continue to let it expand. With my beautiful wife and four kids, I could not imagine to be happier. Yet, it grows everyday and instead of having bad days, I have good days and better days and incredible days.
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    Hello everyone. Been a long time since I brought myself to get involved in a forum. After practicing and teaching for well over 30 years I have seen a lot of changes with the exchange of information, which now is through the internet. I remember the last time I got involved in a forum was off of MC site which then shifted to MW site with lots of bashing and jealousies, especially at the time with DS or as some refer to him as DV. I have fond memories of all these guys as well as many more and was sort of put off by the bashing. Well, I think the bashing brought a good result in me as it enabled me to see things in a new way. So now, 15 years later I am back for more creative chatter as I understand for myself the nature of disputes and wars... only add to our expansion. And for me, expansion is all I am looking for. Warmest, Jade