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  1. Are there any Daoist Monasteries/Convents in the U.S.?

    She feels called by the Dominican order in particular - and also, after some digging, I might have found one that is sort of like a Daoist monastery, but not sure if it still exists or if it's disbanded or what (they don't have a website from what I can find): The Genesee Valley Daoist Hermitage, a residential facility for serious students of self-cultivation, located in Idaho. But that is a hermitage. I've found that there are several spiritual hermitages throughout the U.S...I didn't know that before.
  2. My sister is on the incredible journey of becoming a Catholic nun. She's in her discernment period at the moment, but that got me thinking: since there are Buddhist convents and monasteries in the U.S., are there any Daoist equivalents? I mean a true convent/monastery, where the people live together in communal style, eat together, study, etc. all under one roof. I know that they exist throughout Asia, but I am wondering if such a thing yet exists in the U.S.
  3. I have read in the book "China's Super Psychics" that most of the children who excelled at perceiving auras and different types of energy, were those who practiced chi kung from a young age. While it is too late for me to do it from a young age, there is no harm in starting now and seeing how far I get. However, the book did not say what specific type of chi kung these children practiced. If someone wanted to develop psychic abilities - specifically, the ability to perceive auras and qi energy - what is the best form of qigong for doing so? I am not at all adept at qigong, but I know its power. I recall my first ever qigong class - a woman instructor, dim but clear lighting, etc. And during that qigong session was the first time I ever saw a human aura - hers. It was golden/yellow in color, like a halo around her whole body, a subtle light with no apparent source. I abruptly stopped taking the class after that experience because I thought that it was too much for me, that I wasn't ready for that level of spiritual advancement (perceiving energy), and perhaps was even frightened by it, because I wasn't expecting it. I essentially denied myself that progress, for reasons unknown. I would like to repeat that experience, and perceive energy again. I think I am ready to begin again now. I do not remember the specific type of qigong that I was practicing on that day, unfortunately. I would like to see if other forms of qigong produce the same effect. I have bought some qigong DVDs, one that seems excellent (the type is Flying Phoenix Chi Kung), and another that seems generic and ineffective ("Qigong for Stress Relief" is the title). I would prefer to learn Flying Phoenix from an in-person instructor, but it seems a rare art, because I cannot find anyone who knows it in my area. But I don't even know if that's the best type for perceiving qi. Does anyone know what form of qigong is best for perceiving auras/qi with one's physical sight?
  4. Morgan.

    Greetings, The primary purpose of this topic is to give some basic information about myself, as required by the administrators. Name: Morgan Gender: Female Age: 22 Residence: North America Status: Student I am only a student at this time, and thus have come to gather information and learn, rather than to teach. - Vampiric Psion.