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  1. Snowglobe

    You come across as learned in this area/facet of internal cultivation. I googled kidney yang deficiency and the a lot of the symptoms I found seem to match up well with my experience. soreness of the knees Social withdrawal no thirst Clear urine Clear phlegm from sinuses or lungs Emaciation/Poor appetite Can't taste foods a tendency to catch colds easily impotence/infertility (idk- maintaining periods of several months of celibacy(physical/mental) is very easy to me) Frequent urination etc etc etc etc I've also found that my balding/thinning that started to become more noticeable over the past few years has to do with a weakness of the kidneys? I thought this excerpt I came across was interesting, "Herbs, drinks, and food that are Cold in nature or are served cold should be avoided along with raw fruits and vegetables, juices, and iced beverages. Detoxification herbs are very Cold and would further compromise the Yang of the body for someone who is already Yang Deficient." Especially seeing as how I have raw fruits/vegetables for breakfast every day and oftentimes I blend them with a little ice, and though I only eat about two meals a day, lentils/raw vegetables-fruits make up the larger part of my diet. Thank you for your response
  2. What are you listening to?
  3. Snowglobe

    You still keep doing the "..." thing. "Trying to help me see the error of your sureness", I'm not sure where you're getting this "sureness" from. No. "We" is important to you, the "we" I was/am speaking about was/is obviously in the context of the dialogue you've been engaging in- not some lofty dao/tao micro/macro thing- just a regular internet forum dialogue. If I should appear to be anything to you, it should be tired of your commenting on my post, as I've already clearly stated. Open my eyes to what? The narrative you recommend/life as you believe it is? ""Honestly, your attitude proves the point I was making. "I don't want to be friends with you, because you have a different opinion to me"...very enlightening."" I believe my definition of friend/"buddy" differs greatly from yours. I have no friends in life, and a passer by on an internet forum spouting an ideology I've already seen through would definitely not begin to qualify. Besides the fact that I do not believe in friendship. I do not want to be your friend, because not only do I not know you well enough, you have made it clear that you have nothing to teach me. When did I use the word enlightening or say anything about enlightenment. "I don't want this to be some back and forth slapping contest. You're welcome to your own views and experience." Stop commenting on my post then. As if I wasn't already entitled to my own views/experience. "Good luck finding whatever it is that you're looking for right now." Stop commenting on my post.
  4. Snowglobe

    Note taken. To an extent I think it's all that can be done. Language/alphabets being something like constellations, and each person to an extent "in their own universe", using those stars to communicate. Even though two people may look up at the same sky at night, they may see two very different things. Language is fallen to me, so often it births confusion/things unintended I speak as little as possible. I wish I didn't have to speak at all. To me words are like insufficient warped pieces of tupperware trying desperately to contain streams(expressions) of the infinite liquid intelligence above them, to no avail. I don't think nasa is literally covering up the planet being some sort of prison- or that it is being used as one by whomever, I think they are just keeping very important pieces of history/astronomy "under wraps" so to speak, inherently keeping the overwhelming majority of people "in the dark" about where they are and who they are(or at least what their potential is). By keeping people in the dark about it, they are "imprisoning" them in a way? I don't think this is the only kind of information being used against people to keep them more docile/complacent though. I think the cathars were cool. You like hermetics and martial arts? I think that's cool.
  5. Snowglobe

    There is no we here, you entered my post with an air of condescension/pretension, and you heavy use of "...". Saying "we", suggests there was a mutual dialogue/conversation happening, when all you were trying to do is impose your own polarized beliefs and you expected me to greet you/your ideals with open arms. Gloomy? Do the things I say make you sad? I don't care, I already stated I was uninterested in anything else you had to add. Ah yes, the "ego", quite a construct to bring up during a volunteered dialogue on this forum. Do you suggest I dissolve it/kill it off, maybe bypass it completely? Maybe I should live from a place of non-ego? I don't care what you think. I am not your buddy, I am someone using this forum who posted a topic you decided to comment on.
  6. Snowglobe

    How would you define waking up?
  7. Snowglobe

    I cannot tell if you genuinely are lacking in reading comprehension, or ifyou're engaging me in semantics, I think the latter I met new agers years ago claiming they had knowledge of "a way", which they did though it was one that never felt at home to me, so I took it upon myself to gain an understanding of why they believe the things they do/the general new age mindset. I am disillusioned with life. I'm not wallowing as much as I'm not caring. Snowglobe is a term I've attributed to planet earth. As I believe earth and its "immediate surroundings" to be more of a snowglobe, than another planet in the middle of some infinite/expansive galaxy(galaxies). A prison of sorts. I don't believe much nasa has to say about anything anymore.
  8. Snowglobe

    I do not affiliate myself with that label and all that that entails- especially clinging to a particular polarity/aesthetic, nor do I watch television. Your comment renders your member title ironic.
  9. Snowglobe

    I think honesty is the best policy.
  10. Snowglobe

    It was only my assumption of what you were originally implying, hence the disclaimer I added- it was not a literal statement I do not think it is pretty cool. I think it is a dissociative state/a forced neurosis of sorts, a madness birthed out of trying to polarize ones surroundings, to an absolute level, as well as themselves (especially in a positive light-"positive") "Everything is wonderful, from a mother looking upon her newborn for the first time, to the slaughter of the innocent in this country and abroad--everything is wonderful." "I am a good person. I always do the right thing and know what is good for others. I only spread love and positivity." -it was a mindset I came into contact with years ago when I first began to "search" and came across a group of peers who were into "new age" teachings. "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" - Obi Wan [the hypocrisy and similarities of "polarized" ideals/efforts/etc] "Play with" stimuli, do you think of life as a game? I don't block out stimuli around me near to the point you seem to be suggesting, if I did I wouldn't be such a cry baby. I don't strive to be much at all, let alone an "infinite emptiness"- I don't think such an "emptiness" exists. I already am me. As is everyone. Telling a being to "be" is a bit redundant in my opinion. and, While I exist? I think our views of what qualifies/what is existence, differs. "Things may be personal, but personal to who is the question", yea this along with a few other things you said definitely have the pretentious air of "new age" to them, also your forum avatar. I see you talk about control a lot. I don't care for anything else you may have to add, you use the "..." thing often in your written speech and I personally have found people who do that to be very indirect/manipulative. Bye
  11. Snowglobe

    To sit amongst spiritual elders, study their insights and have discourse, as it is not possible for me irl. Though moreso a feeling- a lack of stimulation/attention. To cry, as the majority of people do day in and out under the guise of many a thing.
  12. Snowglobe

    Maybe, if things do not happen on time. Maybe, what is the use? **(I know it is not wise to assume, though) I'm assuming you mean to find/create a "happy" center within and reside there, becoming wholly indifferent to the surrounding world, so much so that you permanently impose a personal filter of vibrant colors/wonderfulness over the surrounding world-external stimuli no longer having bearing upon you? I do not think that someone who is truly content or in a state of equilibrium will appreciate or create art. I think polarities are dangerous. Who you care to elaborate on what you mean by "control the shifting polarities of situation"? I do not know why we are here, there are many theories. To enjoy something or to consider it sacred, you would most certainly have to have ascribed it some personal value/meaning
  13. A Student In The Abyss

    The pain and sorrow of existence, the bleakness of the american experience post 2000. I think it is better to overcome/transcend the pain, become numb to it, than to try to float out of/above it by building up these illusions to comfort you or provide a sense of stability, where there is none. People who try to be happy all the time are just as bad as people who are depressed all the time. Sorrow is happiness. Happiness is sorrow. To whatever extreme the pendulum swings, it will eventually swing to the opposite side with equal force. The "more" unbiased/"truer" nature is to be found where the pendulum is at rest, in the middle- neutrality.
  14. A Student In The Abyss

    life is meaningless regardless of what spiritual practice, or whatever other egoistic "comfort food" one favors. I appreciate that you acknowledged yourself as a novice in matters such as these.
  15. A Student In The Abyss

    So, I remind you of a person who you perceived to be "in need", who didn't want your "help"- or what you perceived to be "helping"- and that stirred a heavy emotional response within you as it seems that brief scenario has left a big enough impression on you to reference it within conversation/dialogue. What do you consider "helping others" to be exactly? Considering my location, I know for a fact there is no one within walking distance and like I said I don't have the funds or the transportation. Yet you persist, treating possibility as certainty, so confident in what you perceive to be your community, so sure that this internet forum is so far reaching that certainly there would be a member within walking distance of my location. A very "self righteous/do good" narrative