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  1. Hi, I just registered, for the purposes of replying what I know to one of the threads here. I was searching up about yin and yang eyes, with which eye, right or left, being one or the other. Also, I have something interesting in explaining an objective representational archetype, of why the masculine is preferred to be the right, while the feminine the left. Let me explain to you an experimentation you guys can try on yourselves: clench your right hand into a fist, and have it raised, as if in anger or in defence. You will feel it is more "powerful", or in control than using the left. You can try balling your left hand into a fist too, but you will feel the difference in strength, with the right hand feeling more "righteous". Now, how about the left? The best way to do this is by tilting your hands in an effeminate way. This might be hard to explain, but it is easy enough to visualise by examining the tendency for limp-wrists with gays and girls. Basically, you wield your hand in a limp way, first with the left, and then with the right, and then you will realise, the left feels more feminine. The reason for this though, is I am sure you all people know, for this being a direct representation of symbolic archetypes, that are universal and objective, simply being "nature", as manifested with the identity of strength and the masculine with the right, and femininity with the left. It is interesting to note though that there are more men who are left-handed than women. Sounds gay! To me, this difference is understood in a higher order of process as being, "Within control, masculine, within the power of expression, feminine", which leads to an understanding of the difference between actions executed between the left and right.