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  1. What use is this to people who practice Magick ?
  2. Been through this discussion before elsewhere. Would be interested to hear what people have to say here. Thanks
  3. Plato and Platonism 101

    Has this thread died ? My understanding of The Republic is that it is a discussion about how to move people towards enlightenment in order to better move other people towards enlightenment. It is about the role of the enlightened ("wise" people) to help society and direct education towards increasing the number of enlightened people in society. We can argue that it is about society or the individual. I think the main point that it is about both. There are plenty of examples in ancient philosophy of metaphors for the mind and I am sure this wasn't lost upon the readers of the time.
  4. Plato and Platonism 101

    "I haven't seen too many people combine Pythagoras, Kant and Heidegger." Its the phenomenological tradition. Heidegger bastardised Husserl though.
  5. Ego and enlightenment

    I have experienced "bliss". It is very hard to describe. I would characterise it as "loss of ego", but it is more about realisation than a "loss" and I am at odds with expressing what I mean by ego. All I know is I felt like everyone was my newly born child and I theirs. It was extraordinary. Happiness was irrelevant. Also the above reply to Karl is patronising and unwilling to accept different uses of terminology in a field that has very little in the way of solid definitions.
  6. What are you reading right now?

    War and Peace
  7. Plato and Platonism 101

    Anyone who has experienced "unique states" will see it in everything. Was this what Plato was talking about, or was he simply trying to figure out a good way for cities to work? I think one leads to the other. In the famous Cave it is clear to see he was showing how perspectives that are radically different are considered madness by others that hav eno comprehension.
  8. Plato and Platonism 101

    I would not say that it is popular opinion that The Republic is only a political work. Maybe that is what is expected from the title.
  9. Some here may find this a bold statement but I think it is true. I view the practice of Magick as the discipline of self hypnosis. Altering your will to fit your means. Obviously thi scan be a dangerous practice. Also I am convinced the vast majority of mysticism is directly related to altered states of consciousness (ASC's). ASC's can be induced by stress (sleep dep., fasting, solitude, intense concentration, chanting, dancing, etc.,). I believe the aim of magick is to attain these states and direct them consciuosly. I understand that many people here may take a different view to me and that you all have your personal views about what magick is and what it can do. I would very much like to here what everyone has to say. Thank you
  10. Magick is Psychology

    As someone else has accused me of "trolling" maybe they'd like to discuss here and maybe read what has been said by me than make snap judgements. My problem is with how people discern the so called "out there" (reality) compared to the "in here" (mental construct). My point is that they are distinctions that hold no validity. They are only terms to distinguish experientially constructed objects (ie. mental objects).
  11. My reply was to spotless ... I will ask questions when and where I want to. I am open minded and tolerant. Try to be the same with me please.
  12. I'll wait for spotless's reply .. thanks though.
  13. Why is it called the "philosophers stone" ?
  14. I just cannot see it as anything other than a mental process. When I say "other than" I do not mean that to sound flippant, far from it! I have no idea what practice I am supposed to progress in. I am aware of techniques that somewhat loosen consciousness and leaves yourself open to suggestibility. When I dream there are characters in my dream that seem to act beyond my control, during certain conscious episodes there are been independant voices in my head. Trance? So I should probably dance around and chant? I've done that. It was extremely uplifting. I've also practiced meditation, but admit my heart just wasn't in it - although I found it also to be a pleasant experience. Maybe I expereince "entities" all the timeand I just simply view them as extentions of myself into the supposed reality we call reality? When I see people talking about chatting to Satan I know for certain they are chatting to themselves, because Satan is a fiction made by man. I do believe there is something that current culture adapts to these processes. I am inclined towards Jungian archetypes as being the reason for belief in these kind of entities. This is not to dismiss the whole thing as useless nonsense because they are powerful things that can help you to understand yourself and alter yourself for better or worse.
  15. I am stating that people have a horrible habit of taking things too literally. Its raining cats and dogs outside, gotta go!
  16. Have people forgotten what a "metaphor" is ? Lead into gold ... Seriously?
  17. I am baffled why people believe these "entities" are something other than themselves?
  18. Just wondering what peoples biews are of this. Now known as a pseudoscience it has no less had a profound effect on many businesses regarding sales techniques. Is there anything in nlp of any real worth?
  19. neuro linguistic programming (nlp)

  20. My theory on the 11:11 phenomenon

    I think you are making mountains out of molehills. There are many fascinating things in the world, this doesn't even get on the radar.
  21. My theory on the 11:11 phenomenon

    Before digital clocks I doubt people gave it much consideration. I have no idea how people, if they do, view this as part of their spiritual path so I cannot comment. I know enough about brain function not to take it as anything other than simply an unconscious capacity. I know I could tell the time at sea within a a minute or two. What the body is physiologically capable of is quite amazing. Things such as seeing with your tongue, ears, programming yourself to be a human compass ... I am sure the list is longer than what I know of.
  22. My theory on the 11:11 phenomenon

    It is possible to know the time without a clock. If your clock runs regulary your inner clock can easily tell the time. No need for "eyes in the back of your head", your mind knows the time and you are drawn towards the 1111 because it is a balanced figure. I you drawn towards more conventional clocks with hands? I doubt it. There is no need for out of body views. You may as well say an alien programmed your mind to look at the clock at that time in order to trigger such and such... It is not even a theory. A theory is based on hypothesis. Theories, by definition, can be tested. You cannot test what you say ergo it is not a theory it is conjecture.
  23. sensory deprivation

    What do you mean by consciousness ?
  24. Just be aware that when people say "practice" what is really being said is that you "condition" yourself. Understand that YOU are conditioning yourself. Don't get lost in there. The point of a reading is to delve into your unconscious/subconscious mind. You read the cards guided by the power of the unconscious. The whole point of Magick (in my opinion) is to feed of the power of the unconscious mind as it is presented into conscious being. The more you condition yourself to open up the unconscious and allow its "content" to pass into conscious being the better you become at understanding your capabilities and can therefore become less susceptible to self delusion. By reading you are drawn towards a particular interpretation because that is a hint of what you really think. I've done reading for people before and told them what each card could mean ... they simply read what they know and find want they really want. The decision they think they should make is made clearer whether they like it or not. People with what I would call more "spiritual" beliefs may see this as a sign from above, or may see it as an entity guiding them. I see it as a someone claiming self control. The entities I encounter are part of me, I am legion because we are many ... we are all many things, multifaceted beings. I do not disregard the possible existence of other entities at all. I just know the difference between imaginging and knowing. Neither is silly or nonsense. They are both powerful faculties of the mind/spirit/brain/soul.
  25. Better to be born male or female?

    People can be born with indistinct sexuality. The whole male/female is two extreme likely possibles of a whole spectrum.