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  1. Kriyas

    What are the best kriyas to raise kundalini energy? or just name some that you do.
  2. Tears of Ecstacy

    How often do you get them? Like how often are you so joyful or blissful or in love that you start crying? A few months back on certain days of the week at certain times I would be so in so much bliss if I was hanging out in my social circle i would have to leave for a bit because I didn't want to be seen crying in front of my friends. They were happy tears of course, but I still didn't want to been seen crying at one point I was standing at this park and I had a surge of upward energy It felt orgasmic in nature but even better then a sexual orgasm. Every cell in my body was in ecstasy. Tears where flowing down my face. It only lasted 1 minute. But i wish it lasted a eternity. other times where less intense bliss then that but they would last much longer.
  3. question about the jhanas

    To enter a Jhana do you have to be absolutely completely still as a rock? or could it be possible to enter one of the first ones well walking...That is if you've completely mastered them sitting still.
  4. Telepathy

    So I had a weird extremely interesting experience a few months back. It was fall 2014 and I was sitting still meditating in my basement around sunset. During the meditation I came to a point where my mind become completely still and quiet. then something very bizarre started to happen. I started getting weird Visions in my minds eye. The first looked like a spaceship. the second a green goblin. the third was a dragon. the fourth turned into some type of abstract flowing river of colorful colors. the 5th was a purple skinned child with a crown. This went on with the visions changing to something else every 10 seconds for a little bit, They were very artistic and beautiful. then all the visions stopped. and all of a sudden something happened that I wont forget. a voice entered my mind that sounded completely different from my own inner voice that you hear in your thought process while thinking from day to day. It sounded trippy completely alien. and it was as loud as a person talking to you in real life. It said "Your on to us', keep going Premium. earlier that day an hour or so before the visions started I was watching a video where a guy said. If your smart you keep God like insurance, 'I always pay my premium just in case' So do you think its possible to send people telepathic messages either sound or visuals? I want to remain skeptical and just think i was going crazy......... But that voice sounded so very real it made me think some type of entity was sending me the visions and the voice at the end. Anyone have any experiences with Telepathy?
  5. Namaste

    hello, my name is Sean and I just found this site and want to learn more about Taoism and discuss/ get advise on different yoga techniques to incorporate in my practice.