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  1. Found this place :)

    Thank you for your warm welcome and for the link to pdf - reading it now its very informative that is the correct link : http://www.qigonginstitute.org/html/papers/EightExtraordinaryMeridians-Qigong.pdf little about myself : as i am approaching 50 i've started to feel my energy and health deteriorating rapidly since i haven't been practicing any physical exercises for the last 25 years - i confess and intuition brought me to Tao and Qigong. What still confuses me about Qigong in general is that there are so many styles and variation on each style of Qigong, that it is difficult to pick one ... the ancient styles , the new modern styles and anything in between... As i am just starting getting into Qigong - the two last weeks i've been doing Eight Brocades - Baduanjin Qigong 8 movements daily routine ( many youtube videos) i've chosen this one by a 93 years old master and also some other randomly picked Qigong movements for example from Lee Holden's Morning Qi Ritual 20 minute version no idea what style Qigong he combines in this routine - have now idea if Lee Holden is a credible source ? https://youtu.be/T9MD7BLpT-U and also one movement Qigong Ping Shuai Gong 平甩功 (Swing Hand Exercise) https://youtu.be/cX_rOySRCfs I am starting to feel the first small improvements in my overall Qi awareness and being more centered and chilled , my stress has reduced considerably , but my energy flow is still low and insomnia and back and neck pain doesn't improve yet guess it takes much longer to get steady results ? What is your personal opinion - Can i combine moves from different qigong schools and styles in something that works for me or is it better to follow one style-way precisely ? humble student
  2. Found this place :)

    Greetings to all , As I've been reading a Tao Ching one verse a day ..for quite some time And recently got interested in Qigong ( still a total beginner) , While googling about different forms of qigong came to this amazing forum. Glad I've found it