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    Hi to all the strange spirits. I am interested in Taoism/Daoism and Buddhism, and study yoga systems and I am a very cornered and blunted Christian in this. I have been studying chi and energy theories for about 6 years and doing chi kung for about 5 years. The Lam Kam Chuen power system. I am pretty well rounded in energy. I also believe the neo gnostic initiation and 60s kundalini powered works of Samuel Aunt Weor. I do meditation for soul development and self knowledge. I have read a few sutras and generally get the message. I am at the stage of knowledge where I am on a meditation landslide into my soul journey. I also practice Holy Guardian Angel communication and some magic with all this. I have really studied the books of psalms and proverbs in the Bible since I was about 15 and later the book of revelation. Still have a lot of study to do. I am committed to meditation because of the energy development and internal power for martial arts. I have been doing shaolin iron bridge in small amounts for 3 months, I messed with it when I was younger for a couple months. I also do celestial palm/yang hand and diamond finger off and on. I am building up into it. I am taking Shotokan karate and am good with my teacher. He is really really training me with full interest. I'm a yellow belt. I also know a short yang tai chi form and I have met the famous Sin Kwang The at his school where I live. I also have had dreams with a few of the masters there over the last couple years. I really want to learn from them, I don't care what anybody says, they are a legitimate martial arts system and they know the path. I also do my chi kung and have a lot of spiritual insight into specific body problems with people from studying ayurveda stuff and doing chi kung. Besides meditation I like and REALLY need to study the classics and collect the gems. I also had a kundalini experience 4 years ago and had like a really strong one with my inner being and God. Details are private. But I would like help reaccessing this state and getting some friendly counsel on the nature of these ways and gaining further steps to mastery. I have had a few fringes of supernatural touches from life since then, some of which I had a hand in. I believe the realm of magic adds a window into life at most no one can fully be aware of. I love to get wisdom from experienced teachers and love to pass my own on to other friends. Jesus was interested in things like this at one time. Before he achieved the tao. I am thankful for what I have, to give. It is more blessed to give than to receive. I want to finish up, I think spirituality is a way to freedom and blessings, higher gifts of life, I think we will always need it to keep it alive. I also play bass and classical guitar. Don't do drugs anymore but smoke tobacco out of a water filtered bubbler. I also have tried mono atomic gold. Listening to Collective soul amongst the new age music on my phone. Man that stuff is powerful lol. Please show me some love, I have had inhuman amounts of emotional stress this last few months. I just need a little more inner self exploration to get to that next level of enlightenment, so please help me get there. I think enlightenment has different levels, everyone has a peak in their thinking or life at some level. I read in a christian commentary on Ecclesiastes, there is an enlightenment at the sunrise the next morning. In the gnostic tradition, the sun shines at midnight for some. Hopefully, I can learn more cultivation methods and spiritual wisdom for development of the mind and be able to see... everything including the Tao. Show some love, the window of consciousness is open to the center of the universe. In my personal situation I am trying to develop mental self-knowledge and internal power/ chi and spirit refinement.