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    Dear all, In the past I have done some chi going, mostly zhang zhuang and red sand qi gong. I switched and stuck with yang tai chi (Wee Kee Jin / Huang). I practice regularly (5/7) days a week. However I seem to be missing something and get the urge to start doing something next to it. Recently, i also started monk mode nofap which also raises my motivation to do things. I feel like having a lot of energy but no use for it. I like movement as well as mediation. However I have no oversight what system I should pick up and since I live on an Island there won't be a lot of qi gong teachers around (0). What system would you advise? Where do you recommend me to start? Thanks a million!
  2. back

    Hey all, have been lurking a lot on the forum, especially in the past. Now looking for some advice. cheerios