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  1. Semen retention and sexual cultivation

    No the symptoms I posted only happens after I 'avoid or strongly diminishing sexual activity' as you so wisely suggested. Forcibly suppressing sexual desire is just as bad as indulging in it. I know numerous monks and nuns who have used your suggestion but to only fail and fall into anxiety. Catholic priests do this as well and look how old and weak they end up, even ending up with prostate cancer. Thankfully I know how to prevent that little problem but the big one still remains. Forcibly suppressing sexual desire is just stupid and shouldn't even be attempted unless you know how to transform and recycle sexual energy, which is what Im asking about.
  2. Semen retention and sexual cultivation

    I misused the term semen retention, I was using the term in relation to solo cultivation not dual. I already know all the potential risks given in link 2 and have done none of it. Qigong and neigong is pointless if you don't learn sexual cultivation first, otherwise you'll just lose energy through sexual means. Semen retention can be practiced by simple avoiding or strongly diminishing sexual activity, if it was that easy I wouldn't be asking for help. You might be able to hold out for a week or two but eventually you'll succumb to it. Besides even if you reach the 3 month mark it becomes dangerous because at that time you would have built up a tremendouse amount of sexual energy and if you ejacualte at that point, there is a serious risk of that energy becoming stuck in your head causing a multitude of problems both pyhsical and mental.
  3. Im in need of some help and thought maybe some experience cultivators here may be able to assist me. I've been struggling for some time with the semen retention practice of Taoist sexual cultivation however I've only learned from books by Mantak Chia or Stephen Chang. My main goal is not ejaculating at all to attain non-leakage. I already know about the negative aspects of this which I can counter by practicing the Deer exercise. But Im having problems with stopping masturbation/ejaculation and cannot last longer than a month before developing some symptoms like restlessness, irritability, heart palpitations and anxiety. I should point out that I abused my source of jing for a long time so I have many symptoms associated with kidney jing defiency among other things. And I would also eventually want to open the governor and functional channel so I can circulate and recylce the sexual energy rather than lose it. Any advice or help is appreciated.
  4. Greetings prospective immortals

    I am new here and hope to learn some new things and make some friends perhaps. May we all reach immortality.