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    Thanks for the welcome I will go visit the pinned content as you have asked. Cheers for accepting me to the forums David
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    Hello ladies and gents My names david and ive recently taken an interest in spirituality or should i say it has taken an interest in me. Im a nature loving guy whos recently undegone some radical changes to say the least. Now when i say recently im talking in the last two maybe three years. I used to be an ego driven arsehole who really only cared about myself but there was always a part of me that was different.many picked up on this as i was never really like most of my friends but instead used to imitate them and thus became them. So really im just shedding the layers of who i precieved my self to be. i knew deep down that i was a sensitive peace loving nature dude. Anyway ive come here to learn from some wise people who may help me discover a path to a better more conscious me. I hope everyone is well and wish you all nothing but happiness and peace Thanks for reading David